Friday, October 30, 2009

The Reason I Blog

. . . I'll warn you, this isn't a funny post, nor is it all that interesting. But I figured I'd at least need to explain my reason for blogging before I invade all your minds with ridiculous stories. I decided to blog because some things in my life are simply too good to not share with the rest of you. Plus, it saves me from having to relay the story 50 times ;) Aside from that, I've been told that things that happen to me usually only occur in the movies and not in real life (except for Gerrie's) . . .
I figure if I can provide a bit of comedic relief to your tedious work day, then I've contributed my bit of 'giving back to the community' so to speak. Also- I need an outlet to rant and rave about various pet peeves I have . . . things that my dear and loveable roommate has to hear me scream about on a day to day basis, this one's for you Mac :)
Furthermore, I aspire to be a fiction writer someday and if blogging helps me achieve that goal, then I look at this being a pretty sweet deal.

Thanks for reading! (and then texting me to tell me how much you love it, as most of you already have :) hahaha)

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