Friday, March 30, 2012

Frappo Friday

Blouse: NastyGal; Skinnies: 7 For All Mankind; Shoes: Aldo;
Bangle: Alexis Bittar

 Lips: RubyWoo by MAC; Bag: LV

Peek inside my bag

I suck at braiding hair. Look at how awful that looks. Yikes. 

Anyway, I'll keep it short and sweet since I am swamped at work today. I'm hoping for sunshine this weekend, however I'll be happy either way because N and I have a date night planned for tomorrow night, which includes sushi at Umi and then THE HUNGER GAMES! I even went and bought our movie tickets today . . . just in case it happened to get sold out. I am so excited! Two of my other fave bloggers are doing the exact same thing with their boyfriends this weekend too- must be a blogger thing ;)

Also, today is special not only because it's Friday but because Daddy Biggs turns the BIG 5-0 today! The title of this post is a dedication to him because when my sister and I were in high school, he would always take us to Starbucks on Fridays before he dropped us off. Back then, we were hella (omg. did I just say that?!) into caramel frappuccinos and hence 'Frappo Friday' was born. Even when I was 16 and started driving myself and my sister to school, my dad would follow us to Starbucks in his own car and we would all get lattes (as you get older you learn what calories are and then become concerned about consuming half your daily intake via a caramel frappo before 8 a.m.) and breakfast snacks and sit and chat before going our separate ways for the day. Aww, the good ol' days.

Mama Bigley took Dad away on a surprise trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend- they're so romantical. So here's to the man who doesn't look a day over 35, still snowboards and water skis like a champ, and is the most fun to drink dark beer with. Thanks for bailing your eldest daughter out of countless financial crises, being the shoulder on which she could cry her eyes out, and for endless love and support which is constantly felt.
Truly don't know what I'd do without ya!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

When Skies Are Grey . . .

Tank: Gifted (LOFT); Sweater: Express: Skirt: J. Crew; 
Tights: Banana Republic; Boots: Miz Mooz; Opal Necklace: Gifted;
Ring: TiffanyandCo; Headband: Gifted (Nordstrom Rack)


Scarf: Purchased in Scotland; Coat: Ann Taylor

 What's that one saying? "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?" Well, I have decided to take a cue from the Seattle grey skies and join them by dressing like the gray and ominous weather they are. Last night I ridiculously walked home from hot yoga (in Tory Burch flats, Juicy sweatpants, and a Columbia track jacket) in a West Coast monsoon of sorts. It was insane. 

Funny thing, the other day I accidentally ate my lunch backwards . . . and it's all the MandMs fault! They were sitting on my desk looking so delectable that I had to rip into them before lunch. Well, then I ended up wanting something salty so I ate goldfish crackers. Then I had applesauce. And finally, I ate turkey and cheese . . . Aaaaaaaand now I'm realizing how much my lunch resembles that of a 5-year-old's. OMG. Well, that's embarrassing.

One time, N and I actually had snack packs for lunch. Occasionally I'll make N and I homemade lunches so we can eat together during the week and not have to spend $10-$15 on eating out everyday. So one time I asked N if he was okay with applesauce in his lunch and he laughed at me and said, "what are you, 5?! But yes, I'll have applesauce. Can we have snack packs too (ha. ha.)?" So the next time I surprised him by putting snack packs in our lunches. We were just a couple of twenty-somethings kids sharing a snack pack. Quite adorable.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Barbie Pants and Bum

 Tank: J. Crew; Blouse: Forever21; Skinny Trouser: ASOS; Shoes: Aldo;
Ring: JewelMint; Bracelets: F21; Earrings: Purchased in Bosnia

Okay, so obviously these pants need to be called Barbie pants. I mean, come on! They are the epitome of girly-girl-ness and FUNtastic. N will probably laugh at me today when we get lunch (at the new taco truck across the street) because he'll think they're ridiculous. But I don't care. I kind of want to wear them every day.

Also- I must award a very special shout-out to my most wonderful sissy and forever-partner-in-crime because today is her 24TH BIRTHDAY!!  A quick sappy note to the #1 gal in my life (excluding Mama Bigley, of course):
How incredible is it that I get you for a sister?! Like seriously, I consider myself
the luckiest sometimes. You definitely take over the "big sister" role more
often than I probably give you credit for and I can't thank you enough.
Your adventurous spirit, love of life, and vivacious personality are all qualities
I admire and try to consistently adopt from you.
You deserve the most that this world has to offer you and I congratulate and
commend you on your ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one.
I look forward to seeing the direction in which you will continue to grow
and keep crossing my pinkies and toes that you will move to Seattle!
I miss you every day and find myself randomly giggling at something
you said or did. You are the funnest! And I adore every piece of you.
Love you to the moon for forever and always! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snowy Snapshots

In lieu of an outfit post, I thought I'd share some Android snapshots from my weekend in Idaho. Translation: the weather is disgusting and I had no desire to put any effort into my outfit, so I just threw on a BR blouse, Hudson skinnies, and my oh-so-trusty Miz Mooz boots. I hope to share a pop of color with you tomorrow as I received a hefty delivery via Asos yesterday ;) So for now, just enjoy the photos below :)

 View from Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort

Me, Steph, and Bum
Taking a snowboarding beer break

  Bum and I with Daddy Biggs
Bum and Dad are the birthday kids this week!

 Capping off the day with a PNW favorite, Snow Cap!

 Family Spa Time

 Jubelale posted up at one of his favorite spots
He loved looking out at the birds, water, and trees!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Firsts and Florals

Blouse: Gifted; Floral Trousers: Anthropologie; Shoes: Dolce Vita;
Earrings: Gifted; Ring: Forever21

 Lips: Hot Tahiti by MAC; Aviators: Ray-Ban

Over the past week and a half I have experienced quite a few "firsts," which I feel is rare given that I'm 25 years-old and have already lived quite a full life. However, these past 10 days have been filled with delicious life-sprucer-uppers including:
1. Running my very first 5k ever,
2. Trying Hot Yoga for the first time (and liking it! much to the 
disappointment of the yoga-hating cells within my brain),
3. Smuggling my 10.4 lb. cat on two 1-hour flights (and not getting caught),
4. Wearing floral pants for the first time ever (not counting, of course, 
the inevitable floral leggings that my mother undoubtedly 
put me in when I was three-years-old), and
5. Receiving a tax refund greater than just a couple hundred dollars ($1,050 y'all!)

What fun these days have brought! This past weekend in Dover, ID was quite incredible. We had fresh pow-pow, family game night, and I made a new friend via Bum whose name is Steph and she's quite charming. Also, can we just offer a round of applause to Jubelale the Incredible who did not make A PEEP while on both flights this weekend, was a total angel walking through security, and acted like all-around perfection?! He saved his mama $200 and she could not be happier! Also, the entire Biggs family totally fell in love with him (let's be honest, how could you not?!). Look how perfectly he traveled in LV:

Have a fabulous Monday dahhhlings!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pattern & Print Remix

Top: J. Crew; Skinnies: 7 For All Mankind; Shoes: Enzo Angiolini;
Necklace: Francesca's; Bracelet: Juicy Couture; Ring: JewelMint;
Belt: NastyGal; Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff

Apologies for my awful hair. I really need a cut. It's split-end central over here!

IT'S SUNNY TODAY! I was so happy that I brought out the neon and paired it with some leopard :) I'm in one of those nothing-can-make-me-mad moods since I depart for another mini-vacay after work. Ahhh mountainous bliss! Mama Biggs and I both have a good feeling about smuggling Jubelale through the airport today (keep us in your thoughts peeps!). 

In other news, A and I did hot yoga again last night and I almost died. I'm not kidding. The instructor was super intense and every time A started to reach for her towel or water bottle the instructor would say, "and resist the temptation to grab your towel . . . or water." Like pssshhhh, lady please! Seriously? I can't NOT get my towel when I am drowning in my own sweat. YUCK. Tuesday's instructor was way better. And now my right forearm is sore today. MY FOREARM people! I mean, really? My Lord . . . 

Okay, enough rambling. If you're in the Seattle area, I hope you're doing something fabulous this weekend to celebrate the sunshine. If you're one of my Cali peeps, continue enjoying what you already have ;) I leave you with a photo of Jubie, refusing to let his mama pack last night:
"Mommyyyyy, can I come with?!"
Why, YES Jubelale! Yes you can :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Native Polka Dot

Top: Forever21; Skinny Minnie Pant: J. Crew; 
Booties: Vince Camuto; Earrings & Bangles: Forever21;
Lips: Ruby Woo by MAC; Nails: Penelope by Julep

I'm not really sure what made me decide to pair polka dots with Native American jewelry. I needed a pop of color and these feather earrings and turquoise bangles were the first thing I grabbed. Random but lovely nonetheless. 

I am SO looking forward to tomorrow! Most notably because I will be flying the short distance to Spokane to spend the weekend with my fam at our condo in Dover, ID. For all you non-PNWers, Dover is near Sandpoint, ID which has one of the most incredible mountains ever for boarding, Schweitzer! It will be spring snowboarding to the max :) 

I am also looking forward to smuggling Jubelale aboard under the *tsk*tsking noses of the AA reps. Except this morning I had a deathly fear come over me that Jubie might get so freaked out that he might pee in his soft carrier, thereby leaking though to the beautiful red, LV print located below his precious bum (I'm putting his carrier in the large LV tote for maximum airport concealment). Cross your fingers this DOES NOT happen!  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pink + Orange

Top: Collective Concepts; Blazer: The Limited; Skinnies: Hudson;
Shoes: Zara; Bag: Kate Spade; Ring: JewelMint; Bracelet: Juicy Couture;
Necklace: Francesca's; Nails: Penelope by Julep

 Pops of pink and glimpses of gold . . .

 Bundled for braving the cold!
Pashmina: Purchased in Scotland; Coat: Gap

So yeah . . . I kinda liked it. Hot yoga, that is. I will admit that I was minorly alarmed when I walked into the studio to find peoples' mats only inches apart from one another, the lights significantly dimmed, and candles (?!?!) lining the outer edges of the room. Like open flame in a yoga studio?! What if I fall face first while doing eagle pose (or whatever that one is called where you balance on one leg) and end up permanently burned from a horrific yoga accident?! 

Ok, so thankfully that didn't happen. However, I definitely was surprised with how well I did considering I haven't stretched in months and danced in years (sad face). I was able to retain my balance quite well while still engaging my core under very intense heat. I don't even want to know how hot it got in there because I would probably faint from just hearing the number. I was literally swimming in my own sweat. Not sure I've ever seen my kneecaps sweat before but believe me, they do! Also, when you think you can't sweat anymore, you do, and the sweat just keeps piling on top of itself until all that you can really do is just shake your head so the sweat doesn't fall into your eyes and blur your vision.

The instructor was very good and went fast enough where I wasn't bored or in too much pain at any one point. So if you're in the Seattle area, I suggest you visit Urban Yoga Spa. OR, you can read and follow my blog and I'll bring you in as my friend for a free trial (wink::wink::). Because I'm going to sign up now and make 2 days of my week consist of this:

    Water Bottle: Unknown; Gym bag: Nike via Nordstrom; 
Align Yoga Mat: Lululemon; Necessary Post-Yoga Sustenance: Clif Mojo Bar

Happy Hump Day from
Pretty in Pink!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bring on Spring

Blouse: J. Crew; Skirt: Express: Belt: NastyGal; Shoes: Jessica Simpson;
Bangle: Alexis Bittar; Ring: Gifted;  Studs: Nordstrom;
Hair Piece: J. Crew; Lips: Ruby Woo by MAC

 This look is entirely too sultry for a Tuesday morning . . . 
my apologies!

Cheers to the First Day of Spring! Not in Seattle though, because wouldn't you know, it's gray, gray, gray, with no chance of sunshine. Bah humbug! To spruce up the day I'm getting a mani at Julep this afternoon and probably popping into J. Crew to buy something wonderful and (most likely) sparkly. Tonight, however, I'm doing something that I don't really believe in. 

At all. 


Yikes. And not just any type of yoga. The hot kind. Like the really really sweltering kind that makes your body shrivel up because it sweats out all the water. My dear petite, blonde, skinny, and adorable friend A invited me to her studio since she is allowed to bring a friend for free. I have to say (embarrassingly), I have always been somewhat intrigued by hot yoga. But people get so obsessed with it that it always turns me away from trying. But now I am trying it and I will probably become obsessed. And then I'll have to remove all my yoga-hating language from this blog and Facebook. Lame

In other news, Jubelale tried to show me how it's done last night.
Not sure what this pose is called . . .
Do YOU do hot yoga?
Wish me luck!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Masculine Meets Feminine

Blouse: Gap; Skinny Dress Pant: Banana Republic; 
Shoes: Aldo; Belt: Lacoste; Necklace: Bvlgari; 
Watch: Michele; Ring: Tiffany&Co.; Studs: Swarovski, Nordstrom

Closing in on black + silver hardware

This outfit is definitely a polarizing mix of masculine and feminine. The skinny dress pant and nude pump tones down the black blouse and stark hardware. I also was hesitant to mix brown and black. The pant is actually a very fine pinstripe, but you can't really tell. I used to never mix brown and black and thought it to be a definite fashion faux pas, however the more I push the envelope by mixing tan and black, the more I see myself turning tan into brown. We'll see how that works out for me.

SO! Did you all have lovely weekends?! We did the 5k in the rain but it was so fun! And then afterward in the beer garden, it started dumping snow (surprise, surprise). Then we drank green beer at a bar and watched the Zags lose (still heartbroken over that one). We made a new friend in N and R's new neighbor who ran the race with us! Then we all took a 5-hour nap and rallied to go out to an Irish pub that evening. Yesterday, we were worthless. Except for N and I trying out a new brunch spot that we totally love and is less than a mile from our house! Oh- and I made some brownies. Here are some photos from our 5k day:

   Before the race! N loved those XL, 
Plus-size women's tights!

 Our group in the beer garden after the run

The boys are ready to run to the bar for the Zag game!

We have all decided that we love crazy 5ks and will be signing up for more in the future. Next on the list: the WA Mud Run!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Back to Basics

Sweater: Banana Republic; Jeans: 7 For All Mankind; Flats: Tory Burch;
Scarf: Gifted (Gap)

 Coat: Kenneth Cole; Sunglasses: Versace

This is a pretty uneventful outfit but I kinda just threw on whatever since I had to take Jubie to the vet this morning . . . again. He cried the whole way there, btw. However, we should be done with appointments now for a year, thank you Jesus! I end up spending about $100 every time I go to that damn vet because just going costs $55, and then Jubie always has something wrong with him . . . so I need pills and eye drops and special food, etc. etc. Okay, enough about my kitty cat woes!

I hope you have something fun planned this weekend (even if you are not of Irish descent, except these days- who isn't?). As previously mentioned, N, R, and I will all be waking up by 7 a.m. tomorrow to get our tushies to the St. Patty's Day Dash in downtown Seattle. Yesterday we found out that the Zags play at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning . . . and our race begins at 8:30 a.m. I don't run that fast people so we're going to miss the game. I suggested we DVR it and R seconded the motion saying that we aren't allowed to look at our phones, go on facebook, or look at anything until we spend 2 hours in the beer garden and then go home and watch the game ourselves. I hope the Zags win so they upset everyone's bracket. HA!  

Happy St. Patty's little leprechauns!
Hope you enjoy a Guinness (or two) at your favorite pub!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Five Favorites

Coach Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves at $98
- I have these in the color shown above (eggplant) and absolutely
adore them! They are so soft and pair well with any outfit -

  Ray-Ban Aviators at $145
- I live in these sunglasses in the summer. They are my go-to pair
and go with practically any outfit. One time, I accidentally left them
in the bathroom at church. When I realized they weren't in my bag, I ran
to the bathroom only to find that they had been stolen :(
I couldn't live without them so I promptly shelled out the cash
for another pair the next day. Who steals something at church?! -

  Clif Mojo Bars in Chocolate, Almond, & Coconut, Pack of 12 at $14.95
- This might be a weird favorite, but seriously, these bars are the ultimate pre-class, 
post-workout snack. At about 200 calories they provide the nutrition you need 
to replenish your body. Buy yours today! -  

ASOS Midi Skirt (on sale!) at $39.39
- I just ordered this skirt today and I hope it turns out to be as
awesome as the photo. It's the ultimate spring/summer color
and is so versatile! -

  Custom Pet I.D. tags by Copper Poppy at $12.75
- Everytime I look at Jubelale's little name tag 
(same color and font as example shown above), I secretly wish I had 
more pets just so I could get more of these little tags. They are so
unique and cool looking. Buy one for your fluffy friend today! -