Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bring on Spring

Blouse: J. Crew; Skirt: Express: Belt: NastyGal; Shoes: Jessica Simpson;
Bangle: Alexis Bittar; Ring: Gifted;  Studs: Nordstrom;
Hair Piece: J. Crew; Lips: Ruby Woo by MAC

 This look is entirely too sultry for a Tuesday morning . . . 
my apologies!

Cheers to the First Day of Spring! Not in Seattle though, because wouldn't you know, it's gray, gray, gray, with no chance of sunshine. Bah humbug! To spruce up the day I'm getting a mani at Julep this afternoon and probably popping into J. Crew to buy something wonderful and (most likely) sparkly. Tonight, however, I'm doing something that I don't really believe in. 

At all. 


Yikes. And not just any type of yoga. The hot kind. Like the really really sweltering kind that makes your body shrivel up because it sweats out all the water. My dear petite, blonde, skinny, and adorable friend A invited me to her studio since she is allowed to bring a friend for free. I have to say (embarrassingly), I have always been somewhat intrigued by hot yoga. But people get so obsessed with it that it always turns me away from trying. But now I am trying it and I will probably become obsessed. And then I'll have to remove all my yoga-hating language from this blog and Facebook. Lame

In other news, Jubelale tried to show me how it's done last night.
Not sure what this pose is called . . .
Do YOU do hot yoga?
Wish me luck!

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