Monday, March 26, 2012

Firsts and Florals

Blouse: Gifted; Floral Trousers: Anthropologie; Shoes: Dolce Vita;
Earrings: Gifted; Ring: Forever21

 Lips: Hot Tahiti by MAC; Aviators: Ray-Ban

Over the past week and a half I have experienced quite a few "firsts," which I feel is rare given that I'm 25 years-old and have already lived quite a full life. However, these past 10 days have been filled with delicious life-sprucer-uppers including:
1. Running my very first 5k ever,
2. Trying Hot Yoga for the first time (and liking it! much to the 
disappointment of the yoga-hating cells within my brain),
3. Smuggling my 10.4 lb. cat on two 1-hour flights (and not getting caught),
4. Wearing floral pants for the first time ever (not counting, of course, 
the inevitable floral leggings that my mother undoubtedly 
put me in when I was three-years-old), and
5. Receiving a tax refund greater than just a couple hundred dollars ($1,050 y'all!)

What fun these days have brought! This past weekend in Dover, ID was quite incredible. We had fresh pow-pow, family game night, and I made a new friend via Bum whose name is Steph and she's quite charming. Also, can we just offer a round of applause to Jubelale the Incredible who did not make A PEEP while on both flights this weekend, was a total angel walking through security, and acted like all-around perfection?! He saved his mama $200 and she could not be happier! Also, the entire Biggs family totally fell in love with him (let's be honest, how could you not?!). Look how perfectly he traveled in LV:

Have a fabulous Monday dahhhlings!


  1. Fun floral pants...I'm thinking of picking up a pair myself!

  2. Thanks Tara! You should! They're so fun :)