Friday, September 28, 2012

Girly Girl

Tank: Express; Sweater: Old Navy; Scarf: Forever 21; Jacket: Old Navy;
Denim: 7 For All Mankind; Rainboots: Hunter; 
Bangles: Alexis Bittar, Kate Spade, Gifted

It was raining this morning, hence the rainboots. And I was actually pretty excited to wear them again. And then it got sunny and I went to Target and the market during my lunch hour and I got all sweaty because of trudging up hills downtown in this outfit. I had to sit down and rest before going back to the office so I wasn't a total hot mess. GROSS. I can't wait to go home and change (even though this outfit is totally cute and girly girl with the purple, pink, and hearts) . . . and see AMA!!!!!! Have a fab weekend kiddos! XO

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peek-A-Boo PolkaDot

Tank: Gifted; Chambray: Forever 21; Minnie Pant: J. Crew;
Boat Shoes: Sperry; Ring: JewelMint

I'm just not in the uber dress up mode this week. I plan for that to change next week however, most notably because I will be on a MAJOR shopping spree this weekend due to a visit from THE AMA. She is my mom's mom and is probably the most fantastic "grandma" you will ever come across. People that meet her for the first time totally fall in love with her. She's beautiful, hilarious, kind, interesting, and has GREAT fashion sense. Every year she flies up to Seattle around my birthday to celebrate with me. We go shopping and brunching, day drink (Ama loves a good Chardonnay) and eat fabulous dinners. This year we have a matinee musical on the agenda: Memphis at the 5th Avenue Theater preceded by brunch at Portage Bay Cafe. We'll have our major shopping day on Sunday and I just can't wait to see what I'll end up with! There are quite a few things on my list . . . ;) If you want to see what we were up to last year, check it out here!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Five Fall Favorites

J. Crew Excursion Quilted Vest At $110
- I'm always in the market for a decent vest in the winter.
It's the perfect item to throw over athletic wear when
running outside, or pair with skinny cords and boots.
This one is especially lovely -

Kate Spade Cora Loafers At $225
- I NEED these. Like bad. They are the epitome of all
that is pink and princessy. Not to mention that they are
the perfect loafer to dress up jeans and neutral outerwear -

KTR Collection Tulle Skirt at $94
- If you're like me, you swoon every time you see Carrie
Bradshaw in that gorgeous tulle skirt and white tee in Paris
during the final episodes of SATC. This skirt is my own
attempt at creating that moment for myself -

 Baublebar Mini Monogram Necklace At $95
- The perfect accessory for layering multiple pieces or that
little gold shine you need for the sake of statement -

 Gold Glitter Envelope Liners via Etsy At $16
- The holidays will be here before you know it! I plan to add a little something
special to my Christmas cards this year with these fantastic envelope liners . . .
And you should too! - 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crazy For Corduroy

Sweater: Old Navy, Tank: Nordstrom; Corduroy: J. Crew; Flats: Tory Burch;
Sunnies: Karen Walker; Jacket: Old Navy; Watch: Michele; 
Bangles: GIfted, Ocean Leather

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that in wearing this outfit today, I wore corduroy pants 2 days in a row. 'Tis the season for forest green (yesterday's choice) and burnt orange (ie: today). I never considered wearing corduroy until 2 years ago when I came across J. Crew's impeccable line of them. The colors they choose are perfection and pair well with anything from riding boots to flats. 

I was also deterred from getting uber dressed up this morning because N and I watched the Seahawks game last night at a bar down by the stadium. If you are even remotely interested in sports, you know that the Hawks won last night in what will undoubtedly be dubbed the most controversial win of all time. As a result, I have no voice, my head kind of hurts, and I feel fat from eating too much bar food and drinking too much beer. This day is going SO. SLOW.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Signature Color

Dress: Rachel Roy; Blazer: Gifted (NastyGal); Shoes: Zara;
Watch: Michele; Bangles: Ocean Leather, Kate Spade, Gifted

Hi friends! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are officially welcoming fall :) The weather here in the PNW proved to be nicer than we anticipated and my siblings and I had a fabulous time playing around the city.

I wore this outfit to the Rachel Roy event at Nordstrom last Thursday. I was inspired by the line in Legally Blonde when Elle's friend says, "I can't believe you're completely disregarding your signature color!" I like to think of pink being my sig. color, so this dress had my name written all over it ;) 

During the event, L and I browsed the shoe selection (I am especially pining over this pair in Roy's new collection) while also managing to venture into the bag and purse area with our sweet lemonade beverages. Our craving for sushi proved stronger than our desire to meet Ms. RR herself, however we oogled her for a while and watched her interact with passionate fans. She's a beauty that RR and is even more exotic looking in person! A delightful evening was had by both L and I :) Have a happy week! xoxo

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cherry Picking

Top: J. Crew; Denim: J. Crew; Flats: Me Too;
Aviators: Ray-Ban; Bangles: Ocean Leather, F21, Nordstrom, Gifted

This outfit name was inspired by a recent Crossfit WOD that we had called cherry picking. The WOD sucked (in the good-bad way that most of them do) but this outfit is probably one of my favorite combos :) The perfect little Fall pieces! Anyway, happy TGIF y'all! Super excited for the arrival of my little sibs tonight. Hope you have an amazing weekend! XO

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Double Glitz

Top: Forever 21; Skirt: J. Crew; Shoes: Kelsi Dagger;
Sunnies: Karen Walker; Necklace: J. Crew; Bangles: Ocean Leather, Gifted;
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff

This outfit sports glitz on the top and glitz on the bottom :) I doubled the sparkle yesterday for the day after my birthday. I know I've worn a variation of this in the past but it's just too darn cute a look to not recycle on some level. Tonight I'm headed to the Rachel Roy event at Nordstrom where she'll be showing her new collection (along with shoes!) and meeting her fans. Afterward, my friend L and I fully intend to take advantage of the fact that we'll be together and go to Umi for sushi afterward. Be sure to follow along on Instagram for updates at tonight's event! XO

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Dinner

Blazer: Gifted (NastyGal); Tank: Gifted (Ann Taylor); Skirt: bar III;
Shoes: Zara; Aviators: Ray-Ban; Ring: Kate Spade;
Bangles: Kate Spade, Ocean Leather, Gifted

This is what I wore for my birthday dinner last night with N. I treated myself yesterday with a little birthday shopping during my lunch hour. When I saw this skirt I thought it was perfect for both warm and cold weather, given that it'd look pretty darn cute paired with black tights and pumps or boots. N and I stretched our meal last night over multiple courses for 3 hours, which are my favorite kind of meals because you really feel like you get to enjoy every part of the dining experience without any rush. The food was fantastic and the ambiance and location were right on par as well. We started with a cocktail (gin for her, whiskey for him) and the Dungeness Crab & Bay Shrimp Tater Tots:

We shared the house salad which was exceptional and both ordered the special for our entree, which was smoked salmon over polenta with browned butter, roasted Chukar cherries, and chopped, seasoned almonds. NOM. For dessert, it was the birthday treat of my choosing and I went with the seasonal special: a beautiful pear tart served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce:

We walked home with full bellies on a balmy evening. And even though I wasn't with my family, N spoiled me pretty rotten yesterday so it kind of made up for it :)

Here's to another year of happiness and love in the Emerald City!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Top: Gifted; Skirt: Francesca's Collections; Shoes: Christian Louboutin;
Sunnies: Karen Walker; Bangles: Gifted, Ocean Leather, Kate Spade;
Necklace: J. Crew; Clutch: Hobo

Today I am 26 years old. No longer in my "low twenties" but just a smidge above straight "mid-twenties." Typically, I am with my family on my birthday. Since I moved to Seattle they have either flown up here to celebrate with me, or, as in the past 2 years, N and I have flown down for a weekend in Cali to rejoice in my birth. This year, however, both my family and I are doing so much separate traveling that I decided to stay here in Seattle and just my siblings will be coming to visit this weekend. My mom and dad have always made me feel so special on this day. And just because they are 1,200 miles away- they haven't changed a bit. This was delivered to my office earlier this morning:

Talk about major swoon! They are just the best :) Tonight, N and I are going to try a local Seattle favorite that we have never been to before (read: Steelhead Diner) and I'm hoping we get a seat with a view so we can watch the PNW sunset during our meal. In the meantime, I get to stare at these beauties from my boo:

My office is turning into a garden, I tell you! HUGE thanks to all of you who make me feel special everyday by reading this blog :) XO

Monday, September 17, 2012


Top: Francesca's Collections; Pants: Gap; Shoes: Zara;
Headband: Gifted (Nordstrom); Earrings and Bracelet: Tiffany&Co.

Thank goodness for billowy tops! On Saturday night at the fair, I might have indulged in a bit too much fair food. Elephant ears, hot dogs, and fresh scones were devoured within the span of 4 hours along with lots of spinny and make-your-belly-drop rides. N and I had so much fun but I was definitely feeling the grease when we got home. N also won me not one, but two prizes and I was so excited! Like the first time the boy you likes holds your hand excited :) I felt so special. Also, since yesterday was football Sunday and my Seahawks won, I just added to the belly protrusion with beer and bar food. Definitely needing to hit the gym this week . . . . except this week is my birthday week. And my siblings are coming to visit this weekend . . . And N is taking me out to dinner tomorrow . . . Hmmmm.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Comfy + Casual Fridays

Sweater: Old Navy; Skirt: Kische; Sandals: Tory Burch;
Sunnies: Karen Walker; Earrings: J. Crew; 
Bangles: Ocean Leather, Kate Spade, Alexis Bittar

Sporting one of my new favorite sweaters for one of my favorite days! Keeping it comfy and casual for what's sure to be a slow day at work today. Off to get my nails done at lunch, then heading to the Puyallup Fair tomorrow! I haven't been to a fair in forever, nor have N and I ever been to one together so this will be quite a treat! You know I'm going to make him win something for me, like it always happens in those cheesy Lifetime movies ;) I'm already looking forward to elephant ears, riding the Vertigo, and witnessing a rodeo. Hope you have a FAB weekend! XO

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Asian Inspiration

Top: Forever 21; Skirt: J. Crew; Jacket: Old Navy; 
Shoes: Michael Kors; Sunnies: Versace; Bangles: Nordstrom, Forever 21

Working some structured lines with a bit of floral flow today. This outfit kind of reminded me of Asian culture in the way they appreciate clean and crisp pieces, while decorating with unique paisley prints. I got this top ages ago and haven't worn it in a while, however when I saw it hanging in my closet this morning, I thought that the subtle hits of gray in it would pair well with these MK booties. Even my footware is moving closer to Fall!