Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's On My Phone?!

What's On My Phone?!

When I got back from a quick weekend getaway, I was graced with a personal card (!!!) from my dearest friend B:

It now sits on my desk at work and has become
a new personal motto. And its all glittery and chic
and there's a crown- so duh, i love it!

I walked into work last Friday morning and this was sitting on my desk:

It's from my most favorite co-worker EVER, M.
It's a coconut cream pie from Tom Douglas' Dahlia
Bakery in Seattle and it is the BEST. EVER.
Seriously- you have to try. On the top of the box
M wrote: "Have a Fabulous Weekend!"
love her.

Couldn't resist taking another photo of my cat when I was home in Cali:

I am honestly considering getting one of my own up here. I
need a furry friend :(

N and I are season ticketholders for the Hawks!:


Maple Bacon Bar from VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR:

Quite possibly the best doughnut a bacon-lover
will ever eat in their LIFE.

K and my pretty drinks from The Pink Door:

Coincidental Color Coordination!

This is one of my favorite quotes, which can be found on a random building in downtown Seattle:

Aint it the truth? Robert Frost sure knows his stuff.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stupid Girl

This afternoon I used my lunch break to get my nails done at the nail salon located a few blocks from my office. I treated myself to a mani-pedi and while indulging in the punches of the back massager in the spa chair I suddenly overheard a 20-something-girl scolding the young asian woman who was tending to her cuticles. My ears perked up for a good eavesdrop (she was located directly across from me . . . wasn't that hard.):

Stupid Girl: No. I don't want them square. Do you see this hand? It needs to match the other one.
Manicurist: confused mumbling
Stupid Girl: No, I don't want them round either. I want them square but with rounded edges.

Like WTF. Are you serious? Square but round? Puh-lease. It doesn't end there either . . . a few moments later she started with the following:

Stupid Girl: Yeah, I really like Essie nail color. I think it's so weird that like all over Seattle nobody carries Essie.
Manicurist: indecipherable mumbling
Stupid Girl: Well, in New York they like only carry Essie but here in Seattle everyone mostly carries OPI. I like Essie nail color better . . . I think Essie has young colors and OPI has more like old-lady colors.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Stupid girl- can you please just take your ugly nails and fake Pucci dress out of this nail salon?! Rude, rude, rude. I thought to myself, Wow- no wonder everyone thinks Americans are so damn stupid . . . we have bitches like these walking around! I walked away with superb nails however . . . and mine wasn't OPI or Essie . . . it was China Glaze and it's my new fave color!

PS: Aren't these shoes fantastic?! They are
SO comfy and make me feel like I'm wearing pointe shoes
all day because of all the straps :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Homebrew and VooDoo

This past weekend I went to the land of hipsters and recyclables to visit my favorite cousin, D. He lives in NorthEast Portland and I took the train down on Friday afternoon. The train is lovely, but if you happen to sit next to 3 older women who spend the whole trip talking about knitting and all the yarn they are going to buy in P-town, you might want to make sure your ipod is fully charged.

Upon arrival, D and his roommate J picked me up from the station and we drove straight to Mt. Hood to go camping with my cousin's brewing club. It was sausage fest central and D kept apologizing profusely that he had dragged me into the lion's den. It really wasn't a big deal. I drank sour beer (it's my cousin's new favorite thing . . . I think it's kind of gross), ate too many brawts (whilst learning that you are only allowed to put MUSTARD on brawts- no ketchup), and looked at the massive amount of stars glittering the sky. I also spent quite a bit of time fending off this divorced man named Nathan who kept telling me that I should work for an environmental law firm and look at the stars more. Seriously? Like hello cliched Portlandite (Portlander? Whatevs). Anyway, the campground was glorious and it was lovely waking up to the rushing water of a nearby river on Saturday. On the way back to Portland we stopped at a brewery called Double Mountain and I did my daddy proud by indulging in the following beverage:

We also stopped by the brewery that J is planning on buying so my cousin can begin brewing there once he returns from brewing school in Germany ( right?!) This is the view from the back door of the establishment (Mt. Hood in the background!):
Yes please!

When back in P-Town that afternoon, we lounged in the 95 degree sunshine and ate fresh tomatoes from my cousin's garden which were delish. Later that night we played $15 worth of skee-ball at a dive bar around the corner with my cousin's tatted neighbors who are crazy 40-something-year-olds. We all got back at 2 a.m. and passed out on the comfiest couches of my life.

On Sunday morning, I finally got to visit VooDoo doughnuts! I was SO excited. See purchases below:

So adore the pink box!

Maple Bacon Bars, Cap N' Crunch, and Apple Fritter

Best Doughnut in Life.

OMG. It was seriously one of the most delicious things I had ever eaten. Anyway, we spent Sunday afternoon lounging at the tatted neighbors' and eating a big grilled breakfast, with bacon of course. Then I took the train back to Seattle and N picked me up and we ate mac and cheese and went night swimming in his pool until 10 p.m. The End :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

De Peoples

Remember that time when I went home for my cousin's high school graduation party? It's ok- you don't really have to . . . all you need to know is that during the party my mom's side of the family was once again reunited in a big Mexican, Spanglish-speaking reunion. There are 23 of us in all, however we were missing 3 at the party because we had a cousin in El Salvador, another cousin that was working in Ohio, and an uncle that was working in Ohio. Anyway, for your reference, you should have a cast of important characters (please note: Spanglish-speaking up ahead):

Dis is de Ally:
She es de especial one. Ju will love her for de
smarts and de fun times. She might be de treasurer of de meetings . . .
nobody knows.

Dis is de Julie (and my godmother):
 Julie es de caller of de meetings and de self-proclaimed leader
of de BaFaHa pack! She es de one ju get de talking stick from and
she has to initiate ju into de clan.

Dis is de 'Laine (with Bum):
She es de type of glue that holds de family together.
She es a crier of de peoples because she has such a big

Dis is de Dennis (in de middle with de Gregg on de left and de Tomas on de right!):
He es de only boy in de siblings and he es de
crrrraaaaziest! He drive de fastest and es de
instigator to making de Ama mad. He es pretty funny doh.

Dis is de Ama:
She is de maker of alllll of de children and the only one who is
full full full of de Mexican blood! She is de reason we speak de

Then of course there are all of the in-laws who were lucky enough to marry into this crazy family. We, as children of the half-beaners, really had no choice in the matter. When this first started eons ago, we thought our parents were nuts and embarrasing. Seriously- when you're 13-16 years old and running through Disneyland with 22 other people all wearing the same bright yellow t-shirt as you, following a woman carrying a light-saber stick (aka: Julie), you think twice about following too closely. However, as you get older and realize the incredible effects of alcohol, have no bedtime, and start being able to curse in front of your family members- life gets a bit more humorous. And then, before you know it, you are a grown-up, working a 9-5(ish) job and you realize that crazy comedic relief keeps you sane. So you indulge in your crazy family and you end up like this: 

Here is a better shot with even more family members in it, ie: de Ama, my brother J, etc.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Abelated Birthday Tribute to my BFF, L
Once upon a time there were two princesses . . . 

            named E and L. Their mommys met when the girls were just little tykes playing in the sandbox at preschool. E and L went to the same grade school and soon learned that being organized and neat was something they had in common. They dressed-up together, danced together, and played sports together. As they grew up, they learned to cry, love, and laugh together too. E and L liked all the same things. One Christmas, they received the same pink Roxy fuzzy slippers, CDs, and t-shirts. On more than one occassion E and L ended up re-writing their entire 5th grade history book because they both took such thorough notes! They shared secrets and notes in class. They talked about boys.

Me, Missy, L

Eventually E and L had to go off to high school and sadly, they didn't get to attend the same school. It was okay though because E and L were the kind of princesses who knew that distance didn't matter, as long as they put in the effort to see each other now and then. The same thing happened in college, when L stayed local in California and E took off to the land of Spokanistan in Washington where there was NO other princess quite like L. E and L continued their coffee dates and Christmas traditions when E came home to the land of sunshine. They shared hot chocolate and drove around the city looking at Christmas lights, they went to the beach in the summers, and shopping in the fall. They grew to love sushi and skinny jeans. E retained her love of chocolate and L continued to savour the sour and sweet treats in life. They balanced each other out . . . like peanut butter and jelly . . . goldfishey crackers and mustard. 

Soon L found a boy that stole her heart in the best kind of way. He gave her the prettiest of sparklers and asked her to be his princess forever. E was so thrilled for L that she cried. E was okay with sharing her BFF princess with L's new prince. And the two princesses grew up to be real women like their mommys . . .


Happy 25th Birthday Fishey!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Jelly Bean

I don't think I've shared this with you yet and given the discovery made today (courtesy of BFF, L) it is an absolute MUST share. So, here goes. Back when I first started dating N, we went over to one of his friend's homes to watch the New Year's Day football game (is there a formal name for that one? Anyway . . . whatever) and his friend had a shar pei dog with a really cute name which I cannot currently remember. However, she was the sweetest animal on Earth and during the whole game I tried to make her stay sitting with me because her wrinkles were just so fun to play with and she was such a cuddler! After that I told N that I wanted to get a shar pei and name it 'jelly bean.' Seriously- is that not the cutest name for a shar pei ever?! And then N was really embarrassed and said that if I get a shar pei then he would not love it or pet it or ANYTHING because it is essentially a pussy dog. Like, really? You won't even LOVE my dog?! No fair.

Well, it is still a secret dream on mine to get a shar pei and today L said that they have MINIATURE SHAR PEI DOGS!!! Like they have their wrinkles forever and everythingggg! So here is my future pet named Jelly Bean . . . and you can call it Bean for short! Eeeeek :)

Omg. I die. I just want one SO. BAD!

Monday, August 1, 2011

What's On My Phone?!

What's On My Phone?!

See N drink a 24 oz. beverage while sitting in King's Court at the M's game:

King's Court is a section at the Mariners game that happens
everytime Felix Hernandez pitches at home. You sit in a special section,
with a special t-shirt, and a special sign just for the King.
Everyone cheers like they're in college again and screams
chants like "Overrated" and "Bullshit."
N was in total heaven. Especially since we got 24 oz Pacificos
throughout the entire game.

I am a retro-monkey in King's Court:


See N pitch in his PSSBL game at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning:

While I freeze my little tushy off! Oh- and get
soaked from the rain. Have I said I'm a good girlfriend
on this blog yet? Sheesh!

See Sloppy Sets kick the oppossing team's @$$ on Alki Beach!:

We all wore neon that day and enjoyed some bomb Mexican food
after our epic wins! I think the bright colors blinded the other
team ;)

My totally impromptu and necessary purchase!

The title of this book is a total E motto . . .
aka: a compilation of my biggest pet peeves in life!

Mommy and me at The Summit House for her 50th birthday:

Lots of love here :)

Seattle skyline . . . the view from N's apartment on a summer night:

Nothing is better than enjoying a beer while witnessing this!

Happy Friday!:

                                                                                          Kissy Kiss