Monday, August 1, 2011

What's On My Phone?!

What's On My Phone?!

See N drink a 24 oz. beverage while sitting in King's Court at the M's game:

King's Court is a section at the Mariners game that happens
everytime Felix Hernandez pitches at home. You sit in a special section,
with a special t-shirt, and a special sign just for the King.
Everyone cheers like they're in college again and screams
chants like "Overrated" and "Bullshit."
N was in total heaven. Especially since we got 24 oz Pacificos
throughout the entire game.

I am a retro-monkey in King's Court:


See N pitch in his PSSBL game at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning:

While I freeze my little tushy off! Oh- and get
soaked from the rain. Have I said I'm a good girlfriend
on this blog yet? Sheesh!

See Sloppy Sets kick the oppossing team's @$$ on Alki Beach!:

We all wore neon that day and enjoyed some bomb Mexican food
after our epic wins! I think the bright colors blinded the other
team ;)

My totally impromptu and necessary purchase!

The title of this book is a total E motto . . .
aka: a compilation of my biggest pet peeves in life!

Mommy and me at The Summit House for her 50th birthday:

Lots of love here :)

Seattle skyline . . . the view from N's apartment on a summer night:

Nothing is better than enjoying a beer while witnessing this!

Happy Friday!:

                                                                                          Kissy Kiss

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