Friday, July 29, 2011

Sloppy Sets

Team Sloppy Sets 2011!

Yep! It's officially beach volleyball season again and this year we cut our team down to 6 instead of 8. There were just too many people last year. Even though it was fun, we figured we'd take advatage of the opporunity to make our team more concentrated, therefore initiating teamwork on the court better :) We kept the same fabulous monikor (Sloppy Sets!) and hope to show up in more neon and wayfarers than any other team. We didn't start out the greatest . . . in fact, we played these stupid "older" people who kept saying that this was their first year in the league. They tried to be all cool and young about it, but really they were just annoying. Especially since they pulled the biggest douche move toward the end of our second game (of which they were already ahead), after one of their players accidentally KICKED the ball over the net to land on our court and claimed it was fair and legal. We all pretty much mentally checked out of the third game and ended up losing . . . so we went to go drink our sorrows away among fish tacos and seaside seating. We've been doing MUCH better since then, however, and have won at least 2 games out of every match- hurray! I think it's because of the neon :) Check it out:
Goooooo Sloppies!

Also, if you're interested . . . this is the view we get pretty much everytime we play. We are lucky kiddos, no?!:
Alki Beach

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