Monday, July 18, 2011

What's On My Phone?!

What's On My Phone?!

A few weeks ago, I came into my office and found this sitting on my desk:
I later found out who it was from, however there was no note or anything.

It's embarrassing that I have to blow up a picture of a tampon to this size . . . but seriously, just look at what it says!:
 I'm really glad my tampon is telling me to 'Live out [my] dreams.' Seriously? This isn't like
one of those Dove chocolate candies or a fortune cookie. I hardly need to be
told by a tampon manufacturer that they believe in me via messages such as,
'Game On' and 'Give It Your Best Shot.' (got that one the other day)

When driving over to Cd'A for 4th of July weekend, I spotted the BEST license plate EVER!:
BIGGS! It's the Bigley nickname! Bum, J, and I should all get these.
Oh wait- I don't have a car anymore ::sigh::

Lake Cocollala:

THIS is the view from the patio of N's family cabin on
Lake Cocollala in Idaho- GORG right?! I was a total loser and snuck
out in the mornings to sit on the deck with my book and coffee, while
relishing in the serene atmosphere . . . and N calling me a nerd.

Safety First!

HAHA! This photo is hilar. Even better is the fact that
Bum, J, and I all wore this EXACT lifejacket when we were
but wee tots out at the Colorado River ::sigh:: oh the good ol' days!

Lake Union, Seattle:

N and I got back in time on the Fourth to head down to Lake Union
and watch the fireworks from the park . . . the sunset was perfect!

Here's to Monday going by quickly!

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