Tuesday, July 19, 2011


WE DID IT! N and I finally ditched that good for nothing piece of crap building they tried to call a gym. Take THAT VQ! Ahhhhhh, it was such a great feeling. Especially since we joined an AMAZING new facility that is replete with saunas, free butt-kicking classes, and flat screen tvs everywhere (with more than 6 channels- wheeee!). It is heaven. It also doesn't smell like dirty, moldy armpit and there are absolutely NO tires or ropes in sight. Rejoice! I was all geared up to bitch at VQ if they gave me even a bit of flak for leaving them, but they were pretty good about it. I just lied and told them I was moving. I kind of wish they had fought me on it, just so I could list all the terrible things they are and why I hate them . . . but it was a particularly sunny and warm day and I hadn't eaten lunch yet so I was just eager to get out of there as quickly as possible with my cancellation form in hand so I could soak up some sun and eat my sandwich (which totally had wilty lettuce- which i HATE. Isn't it just the worst?!).

Anyway, last week I ended up taking this Total Body Conditioning class by an instructor named Jon (picture an Asian version of Richard Simmons but maybe less annoying, and just as encouraging) and it kicked my @$$! Yikes. WAS. SORE. FOR. DAYYYYYS. And N just kept poking me and trying to wrestle with me all weekend because I would shriek in pain everytime he touched me. Whattapooface! Still love him tho.

Behold the key to my newfound freedom! (cue angels singing now):

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