Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Derby Day

This past weekend a group of our dearest friends all got together to go to Emerald Downs, which is the local race track about 20 minutes south of Seattle. We had all bought the Groupon to get a smashing deal at the track, $7.50 got you 1 admission ticket, a race booklet, and $10 to spend on food and drink! So DUH, we had to have our very own Derby Day!

We started off with a mimosa and mint julep brunch at N's apartment. B and M were in charge of the egg dish, however the night before left them a bit frail in the morning (see: day drinking the day before) so they showed up with 16 McMuffins from McDonalds . . . everyone pretty much rejoiced.

When at the track, we got stares and double-takes as we were all completely decked out in our Derbiest of wear, complete with white pants, wide-brimmed hats, floral dresses, seersucker pants, fedoras, and white snakeskin shoes (worn by boyfriend of yours truly). A dear old man actually approached me and asked if we were from out of town because we were all dressed up. He gave a friendly little smile when I told him that we felt like "getting fancy for the races," and we were all, in fact, from Seattle. Here is N and I lookin fancy:

The chain-link fence really adds some fanciness, huh?
If you must know: Hat: J. Crew, Pearls: Gifted,
Dress: Francesca's, Shoes: Michael Kors

I probably was also known as the girl who bought a bunch of hot dogs and ate them all on her own because everytime I approached the counter, I was by myself. See, the people at Groupon are smarty-pants because you could not use the food/drink voucher on alcohol. So we all had to buy food instead . . . which was fine, except that the food was relatively inexpensive and so rather than waste the $10 coupons we all received (aka: $20 per couple), we just kept going up to the counter and buying as much food as possible. As a result, I ended up getting 4 hot dogs (N ate 3), 1 order of nachos, and 2 ice cream items. I balanced all this on one tray in sky-high 5 inch Michael Kors heels . . yikes. I almost took a dive but prevailed in delivering all food items in tact.

See the Derby Day kids in their finest!

Happy Hump Day!

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