Friday, August 12, 2011


Abelated Birthday Tribute to my BFF, L
Once upon a time there were two princesses . . . 

            named E and L. Their mommys met when the girls were just little tykes playing in the sandbox at preschool. E and L went to the same grade school and soon learned that being organized and neat was something they had in common. They dressed-up together, danced together, and played sports together. As they grew up, they learned to cry, love, and laugh together too. E and L liked all the same things. One Christmas, they received the same pink Roxy fuzzy slippers, CDs, and t-shirts. On more than one occassion E and L ended up re-writing their entire 5th grade history book because they both took such thorough notes! They shared secrets and notes in class. They talked about boys.

Me, Missy, L

Eventually E and L had to go off to high school and sadly, they didn't get to attend the same school. It was okay though because E and L were the kind of princesses who knew that distance didn't matter, as long as they put in the effort to see each other now and then. The same thing happened in college, when L stayed local in California and E took off to the land of Spokanistan in Washington where there was NO other princess quite like L. E and L continued their coffee dates and Christmas traditions when E came home to the land of sunshine. They shared hot chocolate and drove around the city looking at Christmas lights, they went to the beach in the summers, and shopping in the fall. They grew to love sushi and skinny jeans. E retained her love of chocolate and L continued to savour the sour and sweet treats in life. They balanced each other out . . . like peanut butter and jelly . . . goldfishey crackers and mustard. 

Soon L found a boy that stole her heart in the best kind of way. He gave her the prettiest of sparklers and asked her to be his princess forever. E was so thrilled for L that she cried. E was okay with sharing her BFF princess with L's new prince. And the two princesses grew up to be real women like their mommys . . .


Happy 25th Birthday Fishey!

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