Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's On My Phone?!

What's On My Phone?!

When I got back from a quick weekend getaway, I was graced with a personal card (!!!) from my dearest friend B:

It now sits on my desk at work and has become
a new personal motto. And its all glittery and chic
and there's a crown- so duh, i love it!

I walked into work last Friday morning and this was sitting on my desk:

It's from my most favorite co-worker EVER, M.
It's a coconut cream pie from Tom Douglas' Dahlia
Bakery in Seattle and it is the BEST. EVER.
Seriously- you have to try. On the top of the box
M wrote: "Have a Fabulous Weekend!"
love her.

Couldn't resist taking another photo of my cat when I was home in Cali:

I am honestly considering getting one of my own up here. I
need a furry friend :(

N and I are season ticketholders for the Hawks!:


Maple Bacon Bar from VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR:

Quite possibly the best doughnut a bacon-lover
will ever eat in their LIFE.

K and my pretty drinks from The Pink Door:

Coincidental Color Coordination!

This is one of my favorite quotes, which can be found on a random building in downtown Seattle:

Aint it the truth? Robert Frost sure knows his stuff.

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