Friday, September 2, 2011

SPOILED sweet . . . not rotten

One of the greatest women on Earth came to visit me last weekend . . . AMA! Omg, we had the most fantastic time! Here's how it all went down. On Thursday night I stocked up at TJ's with lots of fabulous appys and white wine in preparation for her Friday night arrival:

Ama only drinks white . . . She's so classy :)
As I left TJ's, the checkout lady said, "Have fun getting
drunk with your grandma!" HA.

I also picked up some gorg flowers from Pike Place to add splashes of color to our cocktail hours at my apartment:

In true Ama fashion, she landed at SeaTac at 4:20 p.m. so that she was at my office downtown by 5:00 on the dot- Heaven forbid we waste a moment with one another :) And guess what? She picked me up in a limo! Leave it to Ama to sweep into the city in style!
Fancy Pants

Then we indulged in lots of white wine and I made delicious appys!:
From Right to Left: Fresh melon wrapped in prosciutto (ECB creation),
Feta cheese with carmelized onion puff pasteries (TJs), and
Fresh heirloom tomatoes paired with buffala mozzarella- balsalmic vinegar,
olive oil, and salt to taste (ECB creation)- I'm so fancy, no?!

The next day we woke around 10 a.m. and flinted off to Tom Douglas' Etta's for brunch. It was delicious! We played at Pike Place and picked up a few items from the local vendors (paintings for Ama and a necklace for me). Then it was off to LV for my new tote! We were surrounded by beautiful bunches of hydrangeas and given bottles of Evian as we shopped. Here I am with my final purchase:
I heart LV

After that we went shopping at Anthro and I found some great finds on the sale rack. I also discovered some great bowls for my apartment, as I recently realized that I always run out of them! Ama and I decided that it was time for a midday pick-me-up, so we went to The Hard Rock to sit on the rooftop terrace and enjoy some cool beers:
Cheers from a lounging Ama!


We ended up staying on the terrace for 3+ hours and N met up with us and we all had GandTs. Then we realized that we had dinner reservations at Dahlia Lounge at 8 p.m. and there was simply NO TIME for Ama and I to shower so we quickly cabbed it home, fluffed up our hair, put on a second layer of makeup and this was the result:
I love when Ama comes to visit :)

At Dahlia we indulged in blackberry margs and N secretly crept away to tell them it was my birthday so I got a special chocolate lava-black cherry cake surprise :)
Blackberry Marg

Happy (early) Birthday to me! 

After dinner, Ama and I changed into our pjs and watched a movie. The following morning we brunched at The Georgian in The Fairmont Hotel and then rode The Ducks as a fun, touristy thing for Ama to experience. Then I dropped her off at the airport and it was a little bit sad but we had such a FABULOUS time, the weather was perfect 80s all weekend, and I just am the luckiest granddaughter that ever lived I think. If you don't have an Ama, you should really look into getting one . . .


  1. we're twinnies with our new LVs! :)

  2. I know! Wheeee! PS: You have totally instilled a desire in me to get a tiny tattoo . . . how bad did it hurt?!