Friday, September 23, 2011

What's On My Phone?!

What's On My Phone?!

I scored a 3-Day DMB Caravan ticket for The Gorge from some loving soul on Craigslist for $125!:
He even Fed-Exed it to me from San Fran!
Talk about a trusting soul . . .

Ok seriously- how hilar is this?! I found it on and
desperately want to buy it for my brother and his roommates for
their house at GU. My mom's friend said that they should put it above
the toilet, that way, when they go pee they can try on different 'staches.
Although . . . then you might have pee everywhere.

This was the view we had of West Seattle from The Pink Door when Mommy and friend came to visit:
Right at the front of the outside terrace!
Best seat in the house if I do say so myself :)

N and Bum enjoying the Cali sunshine while playing at home in Cali:
This was the day N and I had to leave . . . I almost
cancelled our flights so we could stay to enjoy the view
and splash in the pool at our neighbor's house!

Nicky and I ditched the gym to play at the Hard Rock after work:
love this boy.

love this spot!


Have a fab weekend kids! XOXO

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