Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blind Eye

Ok- this is truly getting extremely frustrating. Because I was too lazy to call up my eye doc in Cali and request a new order of contacts (which usually takes a good 2 weeks to arrive), I have been walking around half blind for over a week! Meaning that I have been wearing only ONE (yes, 1 . . . uno) contact because the left eye one ripped and I have no more left. So now I am stuck wearing my glasses all the time, which I'm sure are thrilled to be out of their case and seeing sunlight, instead of holed up in their normal resting place in the darkness of their Versace case day after day. But seriously, I think I gave a girl at the gym the stink eye the other day because I was doing sit-ups and only the right eye could see properly and I was all squinty and sweaty and it was just bad.

Not too mention that the old woman receptionist at my Cali doc office simply REFUSES to fax my eye history over to my new doc due to patient-doc confidentiality and all that crap. I mean, c'mon, its my EYES not my oh-so-private-female-parts! To make matters worse, my Cali doc was on vacay all last week and now he is back but totally slammed and old lady receptionist says that he is just "soooooo busy." I called her up this morning and said with a bit of nerve, "Well, I have an appointment with my new doctor tomorrow and they really need my eye history. I really don't think it takes that long to send a fax." She pretty much hung up on me after that. RUDE. I really dislike her.

UGH. And now my dad is FORCING me to come into his office over my bday weekend when I am home in Cali to have a cavity filled. Damnitalltohell!

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