Thursday, September 15, 2011

Music Festivaling

Heyyyyoooo! Haven't blogged in over a week! Whew! Apologies, my friends. Fall is always just as busy for me as summer. Nevertheless, in the past two weeks I have graced George, WA for the annual DMB concert, attended the local music festival known as Bumbershoot here in Seattle, and Mommy Bigley came to visit me with one of her dear friends/neighbors from the lane (aka: where we live in Cali). It's been filled with laughter, sunshine (lots!), and a plethora of alcoholic beverages. Here are some highlights from the past few weeks of weekending:

The Gorge:
Epitome of Gorge-ing: tents, nasty beer,
flip cup, and SUNSHINE!

Candids with Stuart- works everytime!

THE EIKES! (and their Gorge outfits)

Captain Johnboy

Passenger Shellooe

Hot chicks- boating at Vantage

BDE with the satchel, tan lines, and De Walt

White Trash Denim by Johnboy and Yours Truly

BDE and Williamson- Slapping the bag and chugging
the Franzia


Bumbershoot 2011:

N and I hit up the headlining act, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis,
in Key Arena. This was the part where Mack asked where the
70s, 80s, and 90s babies were at. When he announced the 90s more
than half of the stadium screamed and threw their hands up. N and I felt
hella old.

N totally loves Macklemore and for that reason,
I saved our seats while he went to go meet the rapper and
get stuff signed. Little did I know that he would be in a line of
teeny-boppers so long that I would have to enjoy the next show
by myself . . . .

Which ended up being non other than Wiz Khalifa, who my brother
was jealous I was seeing live, but I felt super awkward about given
that I was just this white girl rockin out to Wiz by herself.

I inhaled more weed from the 16-year-old kid smoking next to
me than I have in my entire life (on the few occasions that I have indulged)
and attempted to dance by my lonesome, only to end up feeling stupid
so I just stood there and bopped my head around like a weirdo.
Aaaaaaand I'm exhausted from just writing and reminiscing about all that. Mommy Bigley's visit will have to be blogged about next week I'm afraid . . . . Toodles!

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