Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Elise Face . . .

Ever since I was young, I have had this horrific habit of making a terrible face when A. someone is unnecessarily staring at me, B. someone is wearing an ugly outfit (this reason happened later in life), C. someone is trying to engage me in a conversation in which I want no part, D. someone is saying something stupid and/or making no sense, E. . . . ok, we won't continue but you get my drift. My mom always likes to tell the story of when I was just a wee infant (still less than a year old) sitting in my stoller at the grocery store, and a nice woman came up to coo over how adorable I was and I just gave this look that said, "Ew. Please don't talk to me or touch me." My mom says she was horrified. Though this face has a few variations, my friends have come to call it 'the Elise face' and smack me everytime I display it. It truly is a horrible habit, but seriously- I don't even know when I make the face! Even N looks at me sometimes and goes, 'Inky! Stop looking like that!' (Inky is a pet name actually derived from 'stinky'- see how much my boyfriend loves me?) Good lord. Either way, this past weeked one of the Elise faces was captured on camera and I just could NOT believe it. How terrible is this?! 

I look like a total bitch!
Poor waitress at Sushi Roku didn't even know what hit her.
I swear I'm nice! I pinky, pinky swwwearrrr!

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