Monday, September 24, 2012

Signature Color

Dress: Rachel Roy; Blazer: Gifted (NastyGal); Shoes: Zara;
Watch: Michele; Bangles: Ocean Leather, Kate Spade, Gifted

Hi friends! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are officially welcoming fall :) The weather here in the PNW proved to be nicer than we anticipated and my siblings and I had a fabulous time playing around the city.

I wore this outfit to the Rachel Roy event at Nordstrom last Thursday. I was inspired by the line in Legally Blonde when Elle's friend says, "I can't believe you're completely disregarding your signature color!" I like to think of pink being my sig. color, so this dress had my name written all over it ;) 

During the event, L and I browsed the shoe selection (I am especially pining over this pair in Roy's new collection) while also managing to venture into the bag and purse area with our sweet lemonade beverages. Our craving for sushi proved stronger than our desire to meet Ms. RR herself, however we oogled her for a while and watched her interact with passionate fans. She's a beauty that RR and is even more exotic looking in person! A delightful evening was had by both L and I :) Have a happy week! xoxo

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