Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All Weather Wear

Cashmere Sweater: Gifted; Belt: Nordstrom; Skirt: Forever21; 
Socks: Gifted (Volcom); Boots: Miz Mooz; Ring: JewelMint;
Bangle: Alexis Bittar

 Jubelale is making a jump for it!

 Up close and personal with JewelMint and Alexis Bittar

Not sure if you guys are fans of the Today Show, but the PNW pms-ing weather has been featured quite a bit. Mainly because yesterday we were graced with every type of weather possible, with the exception of maybe a tornado. It rained, hailed, winded, sunshined (not a word, but making it one today), and snowed. So today my outfit consists of pieces that would work in all those types of weather patterns. Oh- and then the power went out in certain places yesterday and my paralegal class was cancelled. Except, of course, I found that piece of information out when I was almost to school; so I had to hop off the bus, cross the street, and take another bus all the way home. 

As a result, however, I was able to work out and redeem myself with Jubie as he totally gave me the hissing/shaking/crying thing when I left for class. I was also able to watch the premier of Fashion Star, which I was somewhat intrigued by. I like the fact that things move super fast and you see the finished product immediately. Also, the fact that you can buy the clothes that the buyers choose right after the show is amazing! I think they're really onto something. I'm glad Nicole Richie is blunt and that the guy from Saks tells it like it is. *Spoiler Alert* I also don't think they should have saved Carlos. Even if he did cross 3 borders, go without food for a time, and is a short, little, pimp-hat-wearing man who likes to cry and prance around; it doesn't change the fact that his dresses looked like something from Wet Seal that you typically see on Vegas hookers.


  1. that skirt makes me die. it's all kinds of gorgeous.

  2. Thanks lady! My friend just told me she tried it on the other day so it might still be available in stores!