Thursday, December 10, 2009

F*ing Eight Five

Most of you are well aware of my open hatred for the football player known as Eight Five, due to the fact that at the mention of his name or face on the screen, I openly spit his name and rant for about 5 minutes about what a douche he is. I would seriously consider him one of the top five 'Banes of My Existence.' I call him Eight Five because he is the biggest fucking idiot on the face of the planet. He did not even possess the right of mind to check if 'Ocho Cinco' really meant eighty-five in Spanish. So instead he took it absolutely literally and named himself Eight Five. I could seriously go on and on about this bastard but am going to refrain from doing so given that the author of this article did it for me. Not only that, he did a phenomenal job and put into words what a joke Eight Five actually is.,207862

Next time you better watch your t.v. kids, because I might actually throw my 5-inch pump at it, if 'Hachi Go' appears on the screen . . .

I have to go scream my head off now . . .

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