Monday, May 9, 2011

Breaking It In

How's this for opposites . . .

I just broke in my REI credit card, which I have had for a solid 3 months but have refrained from using because I reeeeeally need to pay off my Nordstrom credit card (2 years and counting. yikes!) and my other credit card. And the only reason I even GOT the REI credit card was because my daddy said there was a good dividend on it . . . Or i get money back when I buy things . . . Or something in which there is a reward of some kind??? I can't really remember. Anyway, I have a BA-ZILLION weddings coming up so I am in desperate need of a new dress. So what did I do? I broke in my REI credit card by purchasing the following Max and Cleo dress from Nordstrom:

Am I ridic or what?! In my defense, I used a $50 giftcard that I had from Nordstrom to purchase the dress . . . so really it was less expensive than normal. Now the damn thing just needs to get here before the wedding next weekend. Please be swift postal service!

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