Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Words with Phwends

So I finally traded in my poor, ancient, broken, pink Blackberry for a new sleek Droid 2 last week. It was a sad day, partially because my phone can no longer be pink, and also because I have lost the actual and physical keyboard on my phone- which always allowed me to text seemlessly and with ease. I even got to the point where I could text and not mis-spell anything when I WASN'T EVEN LOOKING at the screen! ::sigh:: Now, of course- I am faced with auto-correct every milisecond that I try to text and word assumptions that make no sense. Because I abbreviate lots of words and have my own words, I now have to look at the screen and very carefully tap, tap, tap away to make sure all is correct and perfect in my texting world. SO ANNOYING. And also- because my little BB was so broken and old, she couldn't even manage to transfer my 300+ contact list into my new phone (I think this was her punishing me), so what did I spend my Friday night doing? Yep, I got takeout sushi from my fave sushi place and sat on the couch watching some hideous "They Almost Got Away With It" murder story (because I refuse to pay for even the most basic of cable because I spend more time at N's house than at my own), while simultaneously entering EVERY, FRICKEN contact into my new phone. And then linking those contacts with Facebook. UGH. When N came over, he went to bed before I did because I was still tapping a bazillion people into my phone. And my little pink BB was just glaring at me the whole time because I was replacing her. Obviously I am going to outfit my new phone in some fun pink, rhinestone getup (when it becomes available, because whaddayaknow- there IS no case for my phone at the moment)- and so even though I think of my phone as a boy . . . it will be a gay phone. Or gender-confused, like my cat Missy (see story here: Why Missy is Gender-Confused).

Anyway, now that I am on the up and up with new touch technology, I have downloaded all these fancy apps that I already love . . . which brings me to 'Words With Friends.' Immediately upon download I began games with my mom, brother, and favorite ginger. As the game progressed with my LITTLE brother who HATES English class and LOATHES writing papers . . . I observed that he was killing me on the points scale with ridiculous "words" that he managed to attach to already existing words, therefore scoring himself extra points. Since when did the following become words in the English dictionary: "Jo", "Uh", "Ta", "Fa", "Za", "Bi"?!?!?! Like seriously?! SO ANNOYING! Guess what the final score ended up being . . . Me: 208 and J: 406.

NOT FAIR. 'Words with Friends' should only use actual WORDS thereby making the game more challenging and better educating the human population. I know I'm being a sore loser English language narcissist- but seriously, if you wanna play with a real English major (ok I minored in it, but whatever), play a game with me- elise.christine12

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