Monday, June 6, 2011

Martha Stewart Moment


I am SO excited because I have decided to re-decorate my apartment after coming across the most glorious shabby-chic furniture item on Etsy yesterday . . . but I will not include it here because I don't want anyone to steal it before I purchase it ;) I have used my credit card too much recently so I am trying to cut back on buying all my new items at once. However, I can provide you with a sneak peek of things that are coming my way soon, such as two of these for my couch:

And one of these to display on my bed:

EEK! Aren't they gorg?! I am just so thrilled :) My bedding is a cream and light turquoise floral pattern from Anthro, accented by lovely deep chocolate Hotel brand sheets. It is the most comfortable bed EVER and most people tell me so.

Since my living room is the main focus of the makeover, I am getting a new little mantra for the wall. I am also converting all the photo frames in the living room to pure white with only black and white photos in them for a crisp, clean look. This should get to me by this weekend:

HURRAY! I love it all :) Except I think N will get annoyed with all the pillows. He thinks I have too many already and sees throw pillows as totally pointless (which is duh, not true). Anyway, he is a man so I don't expect him to get it anyway.

To get your own wonderful pillows that will piss your own boyfriend/fiance/husband off . . . go here: BedBuggs Boutique

Happy Monday!

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