Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Belated Pache Post

Although I was blessed with the opportunity to actually be with my father on his designated holiday this year, I thought it appropriate to give him a little shout-out here no matter how belated it may be. My father is one of those people whose smile stretches the entire span of his face from ear to ear and it rarely ever vanishes. He is the one I continually cried to over my math homework (from fourth grade through the present day) and the one who told me that someday I would fall in love and have what he and my mother have. He climbs mountains (literally and figuratively) to make the lives better of those he loves. He likes loves beer. He was my alarm clock from kindergarten until the day I moved away to Washington state for college . . and I still remember the feeling of sadness I felt when I first woke up to an obnoxious, electronic beeping noise at 17 years old. But above all these things, he is the happiest person I have ever known and one of the most inspiring. I am proud to be his daughter and thank God everyday for blessing me with such a supportive and loving figure in life. He's been called 'dad,' 'pache,' 'faja,' 'daddy,' and 'Tom,' however on this day, I would simply like to say Happy Father's Day to the greatest man I have ever known. I love you more than you know, daddy!

 "Everytime we try to prove that we can make it on our own,
our fathers go and do something to remind us that they are
- Ally O'Brien

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