Monday, June 13, 2011


Over Memorial Day weekend, some fellow Seattlites and a few Californians gathered in Oceanside, CA to partake in sun, sand, surf, and alcoholic merriment. It was a shock to the out-of-towners skin and most of the men in the group returned home to Seattle with sunburnt streaks all over their arms or, in one individual's case . . . a stark white tank-top tan paired with sunburnt arms and neck (see Exhibit A).

Exhibit A

Regardless of 1 noise complaint, 1 encounter with douchey cops on the beach, and 1 attempt by a waitress to keep our drinks from us at a Mexican fiesta, we all partied hard and through the entire weekend (see Exhibits B and C).
Exhibit B

Exhibit C

One joy of my family owning a condo in this lovely escape-from-reality seaside town is that both my sister and best friend since birth were able to join us on this whirlwind extravaganza. Toward the end of our trip- Bum, Britt, and I worked through some old, old memories and re-visited a photo we had stored in our brains (but not our phones). It was one in which we recalled being very young and more or less naked with the exception of some beach towels and very long, stringy mermaid-esque hair, while waving at the camera and sitting on a sandy beach. Ever the photographer, I suggested re-creating this photo (minus the whole naked thing, despite N's pleading) and we attempted to recall from memory the exact positioning/waving from the old photo. Here is what we came up with, see Exhibit D:
(Bum, Britt, Me)
Exhibit D

Days later, Britt would tell her mom, C, what we had tried to accomplish. C found the original photo and sent it via text to Britt who forwarded it along to me with a chuckle. Needless to say we were a teensy, weensy, bit off (and a bit more exposed than we had initially thought). See Exhibit E (aka: Epic Fail):
(Britt, Me, Bum)
Exhibit E

BAAAAHAHAHAHA! I seriously still laugh out loud a bit everytime I look at this photo, reasons being: I am like TOTALLY naked! Bum appears to be picking her nose, Britt looks like a little Indian child saying, "Howww," I look like I may or may not also be saying, "Howww" (with my awesome bangs?! Ew.), and Bum is the little Mexican baby who couldn't bother to wave at the camera. Below is a string of Facebook comments relating to our fail of a photo:

 Bum: "i know! well Britt is good but im just like this little mexican fat baby who is in a suggestive position... picture crasher for sure..."
Me: "HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! omg- dying over here. i think you're picking your nose?!"
Britt: "haha ill have to get the picture so its not blurry, but we were a little off and L- you might just be picking your nose... haha"
Bum: "sweet... Britt is the winner.. one hand waving and the same towel."

Aw, I just love ancient BFF photos!

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