Friday, October 21, 2011

Back 2 Skool

Oh, what? You didn't know I went back to school? Have you not noticed my declining activity on Facebook and Blogger alike?! It's totally buggers (I don't know why I said that. I'm sleep-deprived and apparently think I'm British). Anyway, YES. I went back to school (PS: Don't you like the title of this post? It's like what you wrote in secret notes to your friends in 3rd grade); I decided to be even MORE of a grown-up (ha) and educate myself further so I can be a greater asset to the legal community (aka: Make Mo Monaaaayyyyy!). So I am taking the Paralegal Certification class through The University of Washington, which N says makes me a husky but I say no-way-jose, Bulldogs foreva!

So on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights I take a 30-minute public transportation ride (during which I am convinced the bus driver is trying to kill me with his abrupt starts and stops) out to the UW where I sit in a large room with 30+ other young-ish people from 6-9p.m., learning about something I already do ::sigh:: The plus side is that since I'm already in the profession my stress level is way low (which for normal people is probably high, but on the Elise-radar its barely a nag), so that's good. We can ignore the part where I called my mom after my first class in tears because I was so freaked out about how I was going to juggle work, school, boyfriend, friends, family, and travel alike . . . I feel better now that I've gotten my nails done and only gotten lost in the school building twice.

Welcome to my life
Blogging will go down and coffee intake will go up!
Also- I might get fat because I can't get my ass outta bed at 6 a.m. on
the days I have school to go running- it's just too hard.

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