Thursday, November 29, 2012

Colors Blocked

Sweater: Old Navy {similar here; lusting after this J. Crew option}; 
Denim: Old Navy; Rainboots: Hunter; Bracelet: J. Crew Factory
Bangles: Kate Spade, Gifted; Earrings: Kate Spade


Wah wahhhhhh. Office photos. On the phone. Lowest of lows here and I apologize. Was running out of the house this morning after taking too long to wake up and deciding to make too many things for a super paleo breakfast. Oh, yeah- I'm trying the paleo thing. My whole family in Cali is doing it and my Dad has lost like 25 pounds, so I'm inspired. 

I may go so far as to document some of my paleo adventures in the kitchen as well. I recently tried out this recipe for mini breakfast frittatas. I am a HUGE fan, however I highly recommend using the prosciutto. I used bacon because I was too lazy to go buy prosciutto at 10:00 at night when I attempted these, so the frittatas stuck to the bottom of my tin and now I've been soaking the damn thing for 3 days to be rid of egg remains. Yuck. The things are delish though, and so super simple to refrigerate and then throw in a bag and re-heat in the microwave at work in the mornings, especially for someone who is always running late ::cough, cough::

Here's an image to tantalize your tastebuds . . . or not. Maybe you don't like frittatas, in which case, you will NOT like these. But I do . . . so you have to stare at them:

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