Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Easy Airport Style

Blouse: Old Navy; Vest: J. Crew; Skinny Cords: J. Crew;
Loafers: Michael Kors; Bracelet: Alexis Bittar

When my boyfriend and I flew to Minnesota a few weeks back, this was the outfit I wore to travel/take flight in. It's always a little difficult to choose what to wear when flying. When I was in college, I'd board the plane in oversized men's college sweatpants, a Juicy hoodie, UGGs, and big fake diamonds in my ears. All topped off with a messy topknot. Looking back- I'm minorly disgusted that I thought it was appropriate to go out in public this way. Today I try to choose pieces that are comfortable, yet also have a sensible level of sophistication about them. Switching out jeans for cords adds a little extra something than the usual blue denim, while a colored-quilted vest can keep you warm and cool in a way that a peacoat cannot. I'll undoubtedly be wearing some version of this tomorrow as I jet-set off to Cali for the Thanksgiving holiday. CHEERS!


  1. the "flying in college" outfit: 100 extra points if you were hungover and puked in the lavatory on the plane. hahahaaa