Friday, March 22, 2013

Inspo Nation: #BeAParty

I was so inspired by what I'm about to share with you that it has spurred a new series I'm starting here on this little blog called, "Inspo Nation." You won't know when it'll hit you, but it's bound to be marvelous. It could be a quote, image, photograph, OR an epic video (such as the one I'm about to share). It will be something that is meant to inspire you, my fantastic readers- to laugh, cry, be outraged, be moved, be SOMETHING.

I couldn't be happier to debut this series with the video below. I've heard a bit about Kid President but never looked into this adorable nugget until my sister shared the video below with me. The message? "You Encourage Me." Thanks for encouraging me readers/followers of PGG!

Happy Friday, friends!

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