Thursday, March 21, 2013

Snapshots in Snow City

Last weekend, my family and I hit the slopes at our condo out in Dover Bay, Idaho with our oldest and dearest friends. We had a fabulous time celebrating birthdays, boarding fresh pow pow, and hot tubing! Here are a few snapshots of our weekend getaway:

 Boarding Beer Break
-At the 'Wang Shack' sharing a beverage at the top of the Great Escape ski lift-

Boots galore!
- Check your gear at the door!-

 Celebrations ensue
-Sign made by yours truly-

Outfitting Daddy Biggs in 'Life As Rx' gear
-Don't mind the copious amounts of Crossfit gear happening in this photo-

  Glorious Sandpoint sunset
-Lake Pend Oreille, ID-

 Snow Bums on Schweitzer Mountain
-Me on left, Bum on right-

Hot Tubbin'
-Freezing temps call for beanies, large alcoholic beverages, + besties-

  Happy Birthday!
-L to R: Daddy Biggs, Bum, Britt-

  Lunch Break
-At 'The Outback' on the backside of the mountain. We make our
own lunch then throw it on the fire pit outside!-

-We found the most adorable dogs ever in life at the resort-

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