Monday, April 18, 2011

Bookey Wookey

You guys . . . I don't know what to do. I just spent a lovely afternoon browsing through my local downtown Borders bookstore. Of course I made a purchase (duh . . . my upcoming trip home to Cali deemed it necessary) and while walking back to work in the Seattle sunshine (!!!) I started to actually think about giving up books. Not like reading them (God, no!), but giving up purchasing them. If you know me at all then you know I love books. Like, totally and completely love. And not just reading them. I love buying them, owning them, displaying them . . . it's gotten to the point that I simply have no more room in my apartment to store them so I've started displaying them on my bookcase shelves in my office here at work (whatever- they totally add color and life to the otherwise monotonous tone of black legal binders that grace most of my shelves). If N didn't call me four-eyes and/or whine about how we are becoming an 'old' couple when I try to read before bed, I would totally make this an every night ritual. But no- we are stuck watching Sports Center and I have to cuddle with Monty (our stuffed pet monkey that N bought us at the Zoo a while back.)

Anyway, I figure since I read so much (and travel so damn much), I should invest in either a Kindle or an ipad2. At first I was all about the Kindle, but then I started thinking that if I'm going to spend nearly $200 on a "reading only" electronic device, I might as well splurge for the ipad2 and be able to read and/or play that bursting bubble game that I love so much (my mom has the game on her ipad and I basically steal it anytime I'm home to play- but her annoying Wii farm always interrupts me while I'm playing and I have to pause the game to feed the ugly fish or plant more lettuce every 10 minutes . . . sooooo annoying! And I think this is why my sister has the high score still on the bubble game, because she got to sit uninterrupted to play. harrumpphhh!).

So that's what I'm thinking. But it makes me sad because I love my books and don't like to cheat on them with electronic items. I don't want to become one of those people that just stares at computer screens all day and never sees the sun. Too bad my idiot dry cleaning lady charged my debit card $555.00 instead of $55.00 on Saturday and now my account is being held for that amount until her stupid bank recognizes the voided transaction . . . I might be able to buy the damn ipad2, but nooooooo. I have to wait :/ Boowhore!

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  1. ok so I tried commenting on this last night but it wouldn't let me. Needless to say, you just can't do it. We LOVE our books! We LOVE sharing our books. We love all their pretty colors! If you buy the ipad you can only use it for games/internet/music otherwise I just don't know if I can handle it.
    P.s. your dry cleaning lady is an idiot...time for a new one?