Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Belated Tribute to My Favorite Ginger

Even though her birthday was last Thursday, I was too hyped up on coffee, Cali anticipation, and work to compose this tribute. However, something must be said about my favorite ginger, G, who not only inspired me to start blogging, but has also provided me with excessive belly laughs since I met her 7+ years ago (OMG, G has it been that long?! We are an old couple!) Anyway, in addition to a "Happy Birthday to You" reference, I thought I would tell a cute little story about G and I traveling to Africa. But first, you should have some back story . . .

Back in 2006, G and I studied abroad in Florence, Italy (yes- we are lucky duckies) with many of our other friends for 8 months. We ate lots of bread and cheese and drank too much boxed wine. We traveled to more than 14 countries and sometimes wreaked havoc on the natives who lived there. This is not to say that we weren't faced with our own troubles . . . we broke high heels on cobblestone streets, spilled wine on pastel colored Juicy hoodies, walked barefoot in Poland, G was pick-pocketed in Barcelona, Spain and I puked all over our hotel lobby floor in Prague and G had to clean it all up. Despite these things, we had a fabulous time and came back about 15 pounds heavier than when we had arrived in Italy. Adding to these fond memories is, of course, when we spent Christmas in Tunisia, Africa.

We actually spent the night in the middle of the Sahara Desert, in canvas tents freezing our asses off on Christmas Day. Prior to our less-than-luxurious night at the oasis, we were given the opportunity to ride camels throughout the desert. We were all very excited and I insisted on having a "cute camel" (whatever that means) for my adventure. A girl who had just come back from her ride told me that her camel was really cute and very well behaved so I made a rush for her camel. As everyone was getting saddled up and snapping photos, I patiently awaited the commencement of our journey atop my new furry and slobbery creature. Quick side note: camels don't just spit. They slobber everywhere! I mean, they make lugees that any man would envy. It's really gross. All of a sudden, I hear a loud water-streaming noise coming from nearby. I look around, only to find that my camel has decided to take a piss worthy of eventually becoming a small pond. I gave him his privacy and soon the noise ceased. Within seconds I started feeling a light drizzle on my head and back. I wondered, is it raining? Then I noticed the smell. I looked over my shoulder horrified as I see my camel whipping his tail WHICH HE HAD JUST PISSED A LAKE ALL OVER in between his legs and above my head to shower me in his toxic looking pee. I squealed and squirmed and tried to get off the camel but the middle eastern gentleman who was leading our journey would not let me get off and soon we were on our way through the Sahara. So there I was, riding through the damn desert with camel piss all in my hair and all over my baby blue Northface and I was miserable and wanted to cry. Turns out G had the cute camel and helped me see the hilarity in the situation. However, coming back to our tents and trying to shower in the sinks of the Saharan bathrooms was sheer impossibility and I had to stuff my peed-on clothes in a bag OUTSIDE of our tent because the smell was so horrific. Here is documentation for you of G and I with the camel piss babyblue Northface:
So thanks G, for helping me laugh at camel pee and being the best ginger friend a girl could ask for. Happy (belated) Birthday. I LUB YOU!

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