Wednesday, April 13, 2011

La Toilette

The word 'toilet' in French is so much prettier than the English word. Even if there isn't much variation on the word itself, putting 'la' before anything just makes it sound tres chic.

Anyway, in more or less words, my idiot rental agent for my apartment basically accused me of flushing feminine product down the toilet. First of all, why would I flush tampons down my own toilet? That makes no sense. Any girl that "came of age" by the time she was 13 is aware of the cardinal 'don't flush your tampons down the toilet' rule. The reason he accused me of such nonsense is because I had to email him this morning informing him that the toilet had clogged. And NOT because of feminine product OR #2. It's just an uber crappy (haha . . . wow- i'm so immature) and dysfunctional porcelain mess! The flusher has already broken once and been repaired to the point that it looks like a 5-year-old fixed it. I think this actually has something to do with the fact that its currently clogged because the flush isn't aggressive enough so nothing gets sucked down. And clogged toilets totally scare me because I always feel like its going to overflow and I will be stuck in less-than-clean and disease-infested swamp water. So duh, I had to email my rental agent. And THANK GOD he is sending someone to fix it while I'm here at work- wheeeee! But of course, he had to send me the "apartment brochure for reference" to not flush items other than toilet paper down the toilet first. What a brat. Too bad I'm not even deeming his last email with a response.

Another gripe I have about my agent is that he has this way of trying to accuse me of breaking something when really it has NOTHING to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with the cheap way in which parts are adhered to various apartment appliances. For instance, a couple months ago, a shelving unit in my dryer-washer/utility closet just came tumbling down out of nowhere. I had the same coats hanging there from when I moved in, and Pretty Pretty Princess was still stacked on top of the shelf. There should be no reason for it falling down 5+ months into my living there. Anyway, my agent tried to tell me that "It seems like there would need to be significant weight on the shelf to rip screws and brackets out." I stared at my computer indignantly with my mouth agape as I typed, "I understand. However, I have never added any significant amount of weight to the shelf since I moved in back in October. There were hats and a few board games on the shelf, and about 7 lightweight coats hanging on the shelving rod. I see no reason as to why it would fall other than the fact that the plastic attachments used to secure the metal rods may be an insufficient way in which to hold the shelf in place."

Well, that shut him up. I am more than happy to dig into people with words- it's one of my favorite things!

HAPPY HUMP DAY! (and hooray for clean toilets!)

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