Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gettin' Domesticated!

Last night, I did a total 'Mama Bigley' thing of which I thought was initially impossible and all-time consuming. Sometimes I feel inspired to cook lavish meals for N and I . . . what ends up happening is I either buy all the ingredients and become too lazy upon returning home to actually cook, thereby allowing said ingredients to rot in my fridge OR neglect to buy all the necessary ingredients, therefore foiling my plan before it can even manifest itself. Wellllll, last night as I was walking home from the gym, I gave mama bigley a ring-a-ling and requested of her the recipe for the red pasta sauce w/ meat that she so seemlessly cooks sometimes. I thought pasta sauces took forever to cook (see: Food Network- they will tell you pasta sauce w/ meat takes 4 hours!) . . . but NO! Mama Bigley came to the rescue and taught me a fancy cheat sheet way to make a delectable pasta sauce! N and I were eating within an hour and I gobbled mine up within 15 minutes it was so delish! I added basil leaves and ricotta on top for my own personal finish and Voila! Romantic spaghetti dinner for two :) . . . with meat sauce left over- yummmmm

This photo doesn't really do the dish justice because N took it with my blackberry for time-saving sake and the poor device is so old and decrepit that it just can't manage color that well ::sigh:: it will have to be replaced soon :/

Anyway, hit me up if you want the recipe to the sauce because it is BOMB! And so so easy peasy to make!

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  1. I love that you labeled this "Mama Bigley" :)