Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Flannel: Banana Republic; Belt: Francesca's;
Skirt: Forever21; Shoes: Dolce Vita; Bag: Louis Vuitton;
Bangles: Alexis Bittar and Nordstrom

This was yesterday's Christmas Eve outfit. I quite adore it, however Bum and I both said that it might work better with a red, lighter flannel. However this still works I think. Yesterday was spent consuming entirely too much wine and winter ales . . . I felt it a bit this morning. However, the celebration with Mama Bigley's side of the family was probably one of the best ever (even though my Seahawks lost). We went over to Ama's around 3:30 and didn't leave until 1:30 a.m.- which tells you just how much fun we were having. The annual $15 gift exchange went so well because every gift was fantastic and kept getting stolen . . . including the one that I contributed which Bum picked up first:

I mustache you a question . . .

Fantastic, no?! Everybody wanted them so I think I did pretty well. The cousins gift exchange also went swimmingly well and I ended up with some fab brown suede gloves (courtesy of cousin T). This morning was spent with my family and soon we will be off to Uncle P's house to celebrate Jesus' birth with my dad's side of the family while partaking in the 2nd annual cab sauv tasting. Cheers!

Merry Christmas!

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