Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Holiday Card Display

You guys- there is a DIY on this blog! What?! It's amazing . . . coming from a girl that will steer away from re-pinning things on Pinterest if she can't purchase it and thus is forced to make it herself. I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and almost bought a string/banner display from Etsy, but it was better suited to a home with a fireplace + mantle rather than a 550 square foot apartment with an uber playful cat. So. You ready?! It's soooo easy! You will need:

Pretty ribbon!
- I had the plaid left over from last year, however the  
glitter ribbon came from Paper Source -

 Clothes Pins, Fine Point Red Ink Pen, Christmas Cards
- I purchased the pins from Target, borrowed the pen from my office {shh},
and I must have made the Nice List again this year because 
I was on my favorite gal pals' Christmas card lists! - 

A cat!
- Just kidding. He was actually really annoying during this
process so I had to lock him in my room for a bit . . . which is why he is
sitting on my bedside table in this photo. He's pawing to get out! -

   Measure out your ribbon to desired length and color
diagonal red stripes on your clothes pins.

 I created a bow with the plaid ribbon to add a little something extra and
nailed my ribbon to the wall to keep it in place. However, tape would probably work as well.
Adhere your Christmas cards to the ribbon with the clothes pins, and taa-daaaa!
Christmas Card Display :)
Also, if you'd rather hang your display horizontal- go for it!

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