Monday, August 20, 2012

Five Favorites

Drawstring Military Jacket At $39.94
- Keeping with the military jacket theme . . . this one offers
a perfect transition into fall. Worn over soft sweaters or plaid
camp shirts, this jacket from Old Navy is a must! - 

 Marybelle Skirt At $698
- No, you did not read that price tag wrong. Why Kate Spade feels
this skirt is worth almost $700 is beyond me, however it doesn't make me
love it any less.  If only I had $700 to just throw away . . . -

 White Long Sleeve QYJ Tee At $45
- Adore this quote. Adore long sleeve. Adore this tee  
from Island Company-

Dome Studs Tortoise Bangle At $38
- This bangle from C Wonder mixes two of my favorites 
at the moment: gold and tortoise. It's edgy but pretty and a perfect
transitional piece for fall -

Halogen 'Courtney' Flat At $72.90
- I think these flats are just the most adorable things ever.
And they are currently 30% off! Sophistication with a
splash of sexy patent leather make these soles a necessity! -

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