Friday, August 3, 2012

Sometimes Simplicity is Best

Tee: Tart; Denim: J. Crew; Belt: Francesca's; Sandals: Dolce Vita;
Aviators: Ray-Ban; Bangles: Ocean Leather, F21, Nordstrom

New Favorite Mug reads: I heart CR : Pura Vida.
Just keeping the love for one of my favorite countries!

Tart tees are probably my favorite ever. I have slept in them, worked out in them, and gone to work in them. They are super soft, stretchy, and made of a heavier cotton- thus making the "slouchy tee" effect all the more apparent. Sometimes simplicity is best . . . especially for casual Fridays when the sun is shining and you can wear sandals to work. SCORE. 

There's a little back story as to why I'm holding a coffee mug in the last photo. Yes, I love this mug, but more importantly- at the ripe old age of 25- I managed to make coffee for myself from the coffee pot that my old roommate left behind when she went to the Peace Corps. You see, I have NEVER made coffee. Like ever. I know this makes me sound like a total tard but it's true. Either my roommate has made it, or my mom/dad has made it, or coworkers have made it. It's like- everywhere I went, coffee was already made. And then the one time I tried to make it (without my roommate's supervision) I totally did it wrong and either put in too much water and not enough coffee or vice versa and it was totally ruined. But I was determined to make coffee this morning because I wanted to use this damn Costa Rica mug and my sister taught me how to make it when we were in Costa Rica. So I went to Target the other day and bought filters and coffee and crossed my fingers that I wouldn't be drinking straight strained ground coffee beans this morning. And wouldn't you know, it was great?! And I even got to use my fancy photo-collaged travel mug so I could enjoy the rest on my walk to work this morning. I'm a big kid now! :)

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