Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fire and Roses

Top: Gift from Bum; Slacks: Banana Republic;
Shoes: Dolce Vita; Necklace: Francesca's;
Bracelet: Juicy Couture

I am minorly obsessed with very wide-leg dress pants. Especially if they are high-waisted. There is something so chic about a blousy, silk top tucked into fitted wide-leg slacks. These ones above are my absolute favorite. They are quite lightweight so I can wear them in the summer as well which is just fab.

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year weekend! Mine was spent watching lots of movies, football, and consuming delectable treats- all of which I will need to work off in the coming week. And I know I'm going to have to fight those Gym Resolutioners for my coveted machines and weights too ::sigh:: I only hope the trend dies sooner than later. Oh, also of note was the fact that N and I basically started a fire at a Mexican restaurant on New Year's Day. The chip basket with wax paper was too close to the votive candle and all of a sudden flames were everywhere. We both tried to blow it out but it only got worse so finally I just yelled, "Ummmm" to get some attention (I didn't want to scream fire and freak everybody out) and dumped my glass of water on it. Then the manager came over and said we weren't the first to have that happen to us and N said, "then why do you still serve the chips next to a flaming candle?!" Touche, my love, touche.

Also, I hope you weren't blinded by my bling bling nails in the second photo. Since I've had acrylics for the past month, I painted them OPI's 'Crown Me Already' to be festive for NYE and now it looks like I got my nails done somewhere in the Bronx. So embarrassing. Must get it fixed ASAP.

And, since I wasn't able to find the Rose Parade on Monday morning I had to have N TiVo it for me, which means that he and I will be having a date soon consisting of the Rose Parade, it's crappy commentary, and hot chocolate :)

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