Monday, January 30, 2012


Over the weekend I got to share a fantastic experience with N and go with him to a movie-set in which he was asked to be an extra by his talent agency. We drove to a tiny town about 45 minutes outside Seattle very early on Saturday morning to participate in the filming of Bigfoot, directed by none other than Bruce Davison.  The actors are guys we all recognize but never actually remember their names, haha. It was a great time (minus the parts where we stood outside waiting for the shoot to begin . . . shiver, shiver) and N and I actually got to be in some pretty prominent scenes as protesters (Save Bigfoot!) and local bar-goers who witness a bar fight between Barry and Danny. Both actors were very nice and perform quite well with a tiny entire town looking on.

N and I talked about how I have already built an accidental talent resume even though I'm not even signed up with his agency! I owe him the credit for getting me involved in the Macklemore video, the Photoshoot, and now this movie. I have learned quite a bit about the acting world from my fantastic boyfriend and am so happy that he is pursuing his dream while letting me share in the fun :)

Hope you had a fab weekend! 

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