Wednesday, January 25, 2012

School Girl Slump

Blouse: Sunny Leigh; Sweater: J. Crew; Skirt: Trina Turk;
Cable-Knit Tights: Banana Republic; Shoes: Vince Camuto;

Nails: Kiera by Julep; Lips: Ruby Woo by Mac; 
Ring/Bracelet: Tiffany&Co

Apologies for such a delay in blogging! I have been in a sort of slump the past few days which is most likely due to the fact that I started the week off being still drunk from Sunday (story on that to come). Coupled with the fact that there is simply no more snow to be seen in Seattle, the rain and wind have returned in full force, and I am back in school 3 nights a week. Boo me! Pity party over here for sure.

I also get minorly discouraged when I view all the fabulous blogs that I follow daily (see right side-bar). They are all such fashionable individuals and post consistently with beautiful pictures. I can't wait for the day where I actually have constant high-speed internet, a camera worthy of purchasing a delightful photoshop package, and non-stubby nails ;) Until that time you will have to suffer through these poorly-lit photos of me looking like I'm from Asian descent. I would also like to reach at least 25 readers this year. Is that so difficult?! Originally I didn't think so but now I have my doubts . . . Sigh (I seriously promise that this will be like my ONLY pity party post . . . for a while).

That cruise in February cannot come soon enough! In fact, I just bought a new dress online in anticipation of the nautical theme I will be embracing on the high seas. Wheee! I think I am going to treat February as the new January much like my lady Leigh from Curly Girl is doing. It will be a welcome refreshment to the year that is 2012! I am slowly coming back to life since Monday considering that I was heavily influenced by N and his roommates to take a shot of whiskey (bleh!) after having consumed too many dark beers at Brave Horse Tavern in celebration of the Giants win against the 49ers on Sunday. You know I never take shots for the very reason that they make me want to vomit and it's pretty much the last thing I ever remember doing. I woke up on Monday and my head felt like it was going to explode. I also was still drunk and couldn't even eat until noon. ELISE = 0, SUNDAY FUNDAY = 1.

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