Monday, January 9, 2012

Picking Up Jubelale

Blouse: J. Crew; Sweater: Gifted (Macy's); Jeans: Hudson;
Boots: Miz Mooz; Necklace: Francesca's; Bag: LV

Aviators: Ray-Ban; Bracelet: Juicy Couture; Polish: Chloe by Julep

On Saturday afternoon, N took me to get my belated Christmas present :) I've known for about a month that this was going to be my gift, however I didn't want to get all hyped up in case I didn't walk out with one that day. So the outfit above was what I wore to meet my new roommate. I wanted to look presentable, responsible, and fun (hence the ruffles and chunky necklace). On a tiny side note, I have to apologize for how much I wear those Miz Mooz boots . . . I mean, they are the most comfortable and functional footwear I own for this unpredictable Seattle weather and they go with everything. I already have another pair of black and tan boots on my radar that I plan to purchase sooner than later so just bear with me till then ;)

Okay, so are you ready?! EEK! Meet the new little man in my life . . . 

Yes, I named him after one of my favorite winter ales by Deschutes Brewery. He was the second kitty I held and he was so cuddly with both N and I that I just had to have him. He's a gray tabby and 6 months old with beautiful green eyes. He is very playful and has adjusted surprisingly well to his new home. Except, I had to put him to sleep in the bathroom last night because he wouldn't stop running around and N and I couldn't fall asleep :/ It just about broke my heart when I left for work this morning and heard him crying in the bathroom. I have to keep him in there for 2 weeks when I'm gone because the adoption place said that it would be the best way for him to adjust. Anyway, I am just SO THRILLED with little Jubeee and I think N is just the best boyfriend ever for getting me one of my favorite Christmas presents of all time :)

Hello! I hope I get to meet you soon :)


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