Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LV Affinity

Blouse: Forever21; Belt: Francesca's; Jeans: Hudson;
Booties: BCBG; Bracelet: Juicy Couture; Necklace: Gifted
from Mama Biggs

For the past 3 days I have gone home on my lunch break to visit with Jubee. I feel so bad that he is stuck in the bathroom for the next 2 weeks per the adoption place instructions. So when I come home, I let him out and he gets to run all over the place . . . but mostly (much to my satisfaction) all he wants to do is follow me around and lay on my feet so that I will pet him. This makes me feel even worse though because last night I started my certification class, which means that I am now gone an additional 3-4 hours 3 nights per week. Boo :( Tonight I am going to give N my keys before class so he can go over to my apartment and hang out with the little guy before I return.

And this morning the cutest thing happened. As I was getting ready for work I walked into my bedroom to be faced with this:
Seriously . . . I just about died. Like hello?! Jubelale loves LV. He can't get enough of my huge purse and is always rubbing against it and climbing in it! This is why my heart breaks everytime I leave for the day . . . because this photo basically says: "Mommy, can I come to work with you?"

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