Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Old School Glamour

This is a picture of Ama before one of her high school proms. Helloooo, Fabulous! I mean, seriously?
She looks amazing. And I want that dress!

 Dress (worn as top): Lipsy; Skirt: Express; Tights: F21;
Shoes: Vince Camuto;  Studs: Nordstrom
Polish: OPI, Lincoln Park After Dark

 Sunglasses: Versace

Ama was so embarrassed when my mom pulled this photo up on her iPad and started sharing it with people at my brother's 21st birthday party. Everyone thought it was incredible (including the 21-year-old boys running around), of course, and Ama just sat there looking all flustered- she's too modest. I've already made plans to blow this photo up to an 8x10 and hang it somewhere fantastic in my apartment.

Cobalt blue has become my new favorite color. I mean, I will always be a pink girl, but there's something about that rich blue that keeps me coming back for more. It's doing serious damage to my bank account, I tell you! Anyway, I am SO happy it's February! January was just a bit too drab. I mean, there were some fun things thrown in (brother's 21st and picking up Jubie) but I think I officially feel like 2012 can start for me- which is a great feeling :) Plus, N and I are officially 18 days away from the Caribbean! Woo who! 

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