Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Dress: Anthropologie; Scarf: Gifted; Belt: Francesca's;
Grey Cable Knit Tights: Banana Republic; Boots: Miz Mooz;
Ring: Gifted; Bracelet: Juicy Couture

Only one photo today because the other one is heinous. Lol. Despite my smile in the above photo, I am feeling particularly stressed today . . . which really is just a continuation of my stress from last night. And when I get stressed, I cry. It's just how I deal with things. So Jubie and I sat on the floor of my apartment for about 5 minutes after class last night sobbing. Quite pathetic really. I should be feeling rejuvenated and fresh coming off my Bahamian vacation, however I feel like I've jumped into a black hole with a teeny, tiny light at the end of it. 

So in true Elise fashion, I wrote a "Stress List," consisting of all the things that are stressing me out and then wrote down ways in which I could fix them. I even included the stupid girl who insisted on sitting next to me on the bus, even though there were a million other empty seats available. This then forced me to move my bags and place both LV (consisting of laptop and textbook) and my three 500 pound Rule Books on my lap. And I was scrunched against the wall. Rude. Paralegal class is the main thing kicking my ass right now. I just feel like there is always something due and it is always 500 pages long (exaggeration, but seriously, you know how that feels). Thankfully work isn't too busy right now, otherwise I'd still be curled up in bed hiding from the world. I am also dreading writing another $1,545.00 check to the University for said class. Pretty big chunk of change for 3 classes per week for 3 months. 

Also, Jubie has some weirdo eye thing happening in his right eye which had me leaving work early and rushing him to the vet, only to be sent home with milky eye drops for him 1-hour and $100 later. I had my own "feminine" doctor appointment yesterday, so you can imagine how that left me feeling. Oh, and I leave for Vegas this weekend (which will be SO fun, but at the moment is just causing additional anxiety in my life). And it's rainy, windy, freezing here.

N had to stop by my office this morning to hug me because I was that bad. Good Lord I am going to give myself an ulcer, I swear . . . 

Apologies for this venting post.
I'm not one of those bottle-all-my-feelings-up-inside type of gals.
Cross your fingers for a better mood tomorrow!     

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