Thursday, November 3, 2011

Video Girl: Macklemore + Me

Random- but I was in a music video.

A quite popular music video, as it turns out, given that it was on the front page of YouTube just yesterday. One of N and my's favorite local rappers was shooting a video for his hilarious song, 'And We Danced.' His name is Ben Haggerty but he goes by Macklemore and produces with a student from UW named Ryan Lewis. They have collaborated to make some fantastic songs with chills-running-up-your-spine lyrics. N and I saw a posting on Facebook about a month ago asking for applications from people who were interested to participate. So we sent in our info and photos and I guess they liked us because I was in the hot tub scene all throughout the video and N was filmed doing The Worm. We're kinda a big deal ;)

I am in the purple swimsuit with gold aviators,
consistently on the right-hand side of Macklemore in the hot tub;
N is in a yellow jersey top with sunglasses and an American bandana;
Usually on the right-hand side of the screen.
It's 80s themed- we had to rock it.


Photo Proof. BOOM!

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