Friday, November 4, 2011

SEA -> SJC -> LAS -> SEA

I WENT PURE CRAZY LAST WEEKEND!!! And I'll tell ya why . . .

Remember how I went to San Fran? Well, I did do that. We played in Fisherman's Wharf and dressed up all Halloween-like to get on a party bus and drink lots of jello shots and break stripper poles (J's fault, not mine!)
M and I enjoying the sunshine in San Fran!

M, K, Me = jello shots + party bus!

Then, on Sunday morning, 8 hours prior to my departure from San Jose back to Seattle, N calls me up and asks if I want to fly to Vegas instead of back to Seattle. I say, "Um. seriously?" And he says, "Yes. I want to see you and we would have so much fun!" So I say, "Let me look at flights. . . " N says, "I will pay for your flight back to Seattle tomorrow, buy all your drinks, and you won't have to pay for the hotel room either." Needless to say, 8 hours later I was on a flight to Vegas instead of back to Seattle. N met me at the front of the Flamingo, we got ready, and hit the strip:

N dressed up as an 80s rocker. I was just the "hot chick"
because I was totally sick of being Pocahighness.

We drank Ugly Sticks from New York, New York:
Rum for N, Tequila for me!

Drank and danced for 2+ hours at The Cosmopolitan:

N wants to go to Vegas with me all the
time now :)

And partied with some awesome German dudes at Paris:
Straw mustaches + 1 Ronnie from Jersey Shore sighting

We had fun with my heritage peeps!

N and I concluded the evening at 5 a.m. on Monday morning. We woke up 5 hours later and felt like death. I have been recovering ever since but it was damn worth it.


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