Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Week Ago Today

Me, K, L

Last Wednesday night, K, L, and I were all reunited after about 2 years. We've been friends since kindergarten so going that long without all 3 of us being together is kind of a big deal. We went to La Grande Orange for dinner and had a most fantastic time paired with lots of wine, laughs, and reminiscing. Even K said that she wished we could go back to being in 8th grade when we were able to see each other everyday . . . L wasn't too keen on that idea since she said that she was in her "awkward stage" then.

But in all seriousness I think all 3 of us missed the days where we could just sit on the couch watching MTV on a Saturday night and gossip about boys, and ridiculous passing-note drama that only plauges the tweens. Ahhhh to be young again and think you have real problems- the grown up versions of ourselves now would most certainly scold the young, scrunchie-wearing 8th graders we once were and say, "this isn't a real problem . . . just you wait till later." On the flip side, I think all 3 of us have done pretty damn well for ourselves up to this point ;)

Sweater: Halogen; Top: Gap; Pants: Nordstrom
Booties: Vince Camuto; Bedroom: Childhood :)

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