Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feathers and Fall

Sweater: Kensie; Skinny Minnie Pant: Banana Republic;
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini; Bag: LV

Notice that lovely white streak on the right side of my head?! I've got a bit of Cruella de Vil going on. It's actually a feather. You know, that trendy thing that all the tweens are doing these days to look like Pocahontas? Well in my defense the only reason I got them was because I was an Indian for Halloween (and then I was supposed to be Ke$ha at work . . . but we all know that I chose to go to Vegas instead. hehe). So anyway, they're kinda cool but they are ridiculously expensive and kind of annoying to deal with when brushing your hair. But the nice thing is that they can be washed, blow-dryed, curled, etc. I'm getting kind of sick of them though. But I'm afraid to cut them out because what if my hair gets all weird?! ::sigh:: Girl problems. Anyway, I wore my new UGG earmuffs to work today . . . that made me pretty happy :) Also, my walk was graced with the beauty of nature with no wind, rain, snow, or hail. Hurray!

I get to walk through this everyday on my way to work-
all the colors put a little spring in my step!

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